Map to Siriraj Medical Museums
by the Bangkok Noi Railway Station

The map to Siriraj Medical Museums shows the way to the six museums within Siriraj Hospital which is a huge complex stretching from the Wang Lang Pier to the Railway Station Pier.

The six museums are located in two buildings.

Adulyadejvikrom building - Block 28

The 1st four museums are on the 3rd floor

  • Ellis Pathological Museum

  • Songkran Niyomsane Forensic Medicine Museum

  • Ouay Ketusingh Museum of History of Thai Medicine

  • Parasitology Museum
Anatomy building – Block 27
  • Condon Anatomical Museum - 3rd floor

  • Sood Sangvichien Prehistoric Museum & Laboratory - 1st floor
Please refer to the interactive map to Siriraj Medical Museums. The two building are indicated by the pointers.

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A convenient way to get there is by Chao Phraya River boat to the N 11 Railway Station Pier (Rodfai Pier).

Though you can get there by landing at the Wang Lang Pier too, the Railway Station Pier has a shorter and more direct route to the museums to avoid getting lost within the hospital complex.

If you're around the Sanam Luang area, take a Chao Phraya River ferry from Phra Chan Pier to the N 11 Railway Station Pier

From the Railway Station Pier walk straight along Rodfai Road to gate no. 5 which is the furthest from the pier. Turn left into Siriraj Hospital and Block 28 is on your left just 50m away. Visit the museums in this block first.

Siriraj Medical Museums are open from Monday – Friday between 0900 – 1600 hours.

Admission fee is 40 baht. Tel: 02 – 419 –7000. No photographs please

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