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By Eric Lim

Background information and benefits

What is RSS? It's stands for Really Simple Syndication. It's simply an electronic means to deliver news and other content right to your desk top, lap top or mobile device. In short, it's an electronic newsagent.

Really Simple Syndication or RSS allows you to pick and chose the websites you wish to subscribe to. It's FREE, you don't need to disclose your e-mail address, there's NO SPAM and you can add or delete your subscriptions anytime.

The system provides RSS feeds in the form of headlines and summaries. Scan through these summaries, click on those RSS feeds that interest you and you'll be brought to the website.

What is RSS? It highlights latest updates for you. There's no need to search a website to find a new page. RSS news feeds provide the latest top stories from BBC, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, IT news, health, music, sports or any topic of your interest.

You can also use RSS to subscribe for your favorite blog sites and websites.

RSS feed for Tour Bangkok Legacies - features and benefits

The RSS feed for tour-bangkok-legacies provides the latest updates on existing pages, new pages added, news on events, festivals and developments involving historical sites and personalities in Bangkok. New and updated pages, latest RSS feeds are delivered to you. You don't need to look for them.

Be updated on major cultural events like the Royal Barge Procession, which happens only once in a few years and annual cultural festivities in Bangkok through RSS feeds that will be sent to you, if you choose to subscribe. Other events include royal ceremonies on Coronation Day, Royal Ploughing Day or festivals in Chinatown, Yaowarat. 

How do you get started? There're three ways.

Subscription instructions for My Yahoo! RSS

It's just as simple for those with My Yahoo! Just click on this

Add Tour Bangkok Legacies to My Yahoo!Add Tour Bangkok Legacies to MyYahoo!

Subscription instructions for My MSN

For MSN users, just click on Add Tour Bangkok Legacies to My MSN.

Subscription instructions for an RSS reader

For the more technically inclined who are familiar with what is RSS, you can download your own RSS aggregator or free RSS reader at

Windows users can use RSSReader

For Mac users, download at ranchero.com/netnewswire

Once you've got the RSS reader,

Right click (control-click for Mac users) on the orange button.

Select copy shortcut (copy link to clipboard for Mac users) and paste the URL on the space provided in your reader.

Right click, copy shortcut and paste to your RSS Reader.

Now that you know what is RSS, you've got RSS feeds delivered to your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Happy reading and RSS feeding!

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