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Bangkok Travelbug April 2017 Bang Rachan Market Singburi
March 28, 2017

Bang Rachan Market, Singburi

Hello, welcome back to the Bangkok Travelbug. In February 2017, we visited the Bang Rachan Memorial Park and retraced that famous battle fought here more than 250 years ago. Our visit this month is just across the road to the site of the actual fortified village of Bang Rachan where this 5-month siege and battle took place.

If you have missed that issue, here it is again, Bangkok Travelbug February 2017.

This area was registered as a historical site by the Fine Arts Department on 20 December 1954. A mock-up of the main gate and walls of the old fort mark the entrance to this historical site.

Wat Pho Kao Ton, an old temple in Khai Bang Rachan during those days, is located within this area. The temple was destroyed during the battle and has been rebuilt since.

Besides the rebuilt temple, there are two other modern additions to the area; a school named Khai Bang Rachan further to the rear and right at the back near the river we find the Bang Rachan Market.

Let’s take a tour of this historical site.

Entrance to the historical site

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Wat Pho Kao Ton

Wat Pho Kao Ton (temple with nine Pho trees) was an old temple within Fort Bang Rachan. The stiff resistance put up by the defenders of Bang Rachan is often attributed to the spiritual sustenance provided by abbot from this temple. When the Burmese overran the village, the temple was destroyed, though the ruins of some small chedis remain.

Remains of an old chedi

The rebuilt temple is very popular with people who live around the area. During our visit on a Sunday, there were lots of visitors to the temple.

The new Buddha statue in Wat Pho Kao Ton

It is believed that the temple grounds hold sacred water and many people come to pray at the shrine. If their prayers are answered, they will return to carry buckets of water to fill to fill the sacred pond.

Praying at the shrine, note the old walls in the foreground

Fulfilling a vow, carrying sacred water to the pond


Tour of the Bang Rachan Market

Entrance to the market

The Bang Rachan Market is located on the banks of a river and the thatched huts are constructed in the woods to provide a cool and pleasant environment. It looks as if they wanted to camouflage the market under the trees.

Under the foliage

Atmosphere at the Bang Rachan Market

This is what makes Bang Rachan Market so special. The first stall we came across was a clothing stall, not just any clothing but clothing of the Ayutthaya period. Visitors can rent these period dresses for the duration of the visit.

Dress up like the old days

This trend is not only popular with the kids, as you can see.

Budding warriors striking a martial pose

A gentler touch

Music is provided by school children playing traditional musical instruments. The boy in front is playing the ranark or xylophone and the boy behind, the double-sided drum.

Young musicians

Part of the reconstructed fort walls extend to the market and there is even a watchtower to add to the atmosphere!

Sentries at the gate

And if you need for guidance and information on places of interest in and around Singburi, this is where to go.

The watchtower

Let’s take a look at some of the food, snacks and beverages in the Bang Rachan Market.

Food and beverages

Our next stop was to quench our thirst with this cool refreshing juice from the fruit of the palm tree (nam ton tan). This drink is served in a section of bamboo and we get to keep the container.

A popular and refreshing drink

Here are some of the others goodies available here.

Barbecued bananas

The ever-popular Pad Thai or fried glass noodles

Popcorn made the traditional way, roasted over an open fire

This is another of my favourites, crispy rice crackers. Rice is mixed with water and finely grinded to a paste. The paste is thinly spread out like a pancake and heated over an open fire.

Rice crackers

A colourful salad stall serving yam, a Thai salad

Souvenirs and toys

Here are somethings to remember Bang Rachan by.

Cute stuffed toys

Souvenirs from Bang Rachan


Top up this delightful historical trip with some delectable Thai deserts.

Thai desserts

My favourite is still multiple scoops of home-made coconut flavoured ice creams served in a coconut shell.

Coconut flavoured ice cream

This river to the south of the Bang Rachan Market forms the boundary between Singburi and Ang Thong Provinces today. Back in those troubled days of Ayutthaya, the river served as a defence on the southern flank of Fort Bang Rachan.

Today it’s calm and peaceful as I leave you with this parting scene of a memorable visit to the Bang Rachan Market, site of the famous battle of Bang Rachan.

Scenic view at Bang Rachan


Map to Bang Rachan Market, Singburi

If the map doesn’t appear, click on this link

How to get there

By car

After you leave Bangkok, head north along Highway 32, past Ayutthaya to Ang Thong. Go through Ang Thong City via – Highway 334 – Highway 3064 to Singburi, then switch to Highway 3032 which will take you to the Bang Rachan Memorial Park.

The Bang Rachan Market is just across the road from the Bang Rachan Memorial Park. It is recommended that you visit the memorial park and museum before going across to the market.

Opening hours and admission fees

Weekends and Public holidays, from 0800 – 1600 hours
Admission is free


Next month

Ancient kilns on the River Noi, Singburi

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