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By Eric Lim

Bangkok Travelbug, the newsletter of Tour Bangkok Legacies, covers people, places and events of historical and cultural significance in Bangkok and Thailand for a more enriching travel experience.

Each month, we recall anniversaries of significant events, places and people who played a pivotal role in the city and the country’s history. Besides announcements on page updates and new pages, there will also be feature articles of historical and cultural interest in various parts of Thailand.

Whether you’re an independent traveler or one on a guided tour, a business traveler, a frequent or casual visitor or even a resident for that matter, there’s always something or somewhere interesting in Bangkok and Thailand that’s reminiscent of people and events in the past.

The Travelbug released its first issue on June 2008 with articles featuring events and places in Bangkok. In October 2009 we ventured out of Bangkok to the distant province of Nakhon Phanom more than 700 km away in north-eastern Thailand on the banks of the Mekong River.

Since then we have been travelling to the various provinces in Thailand to bring you some of the hidden cultural treasures that are off the beaten track. Some of these provinces are around Bangkok, requiring only a day trip. Others are in distant provinces and require the better part of the day to get there.

Where ever they are in Thailand, the Travelbug will strive to bring to you some of these hidden treasures to enhance your travel experience. Some readers have expressed the desire to make virtual journeys through the internet as it may not be practical for them to travel to these places.

So this is one way of seeing Thailand through the eyes of the Bangkok Travelbug.

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Knowing history is not to live in the past but to understand the present. 

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Read what other subscribers have said

Click on the links below to read the comments of others who have written in. These comments were submitted by subscribers to the Bangkok Travelbug.

Thanks Eric  
I love your travelogues. I remember the 1970-75 disturbances. We lived in Singapore from 1970-75, husband working in the SAF. It's nice to know how things …

Eric, Thanks for another enjoyable read (November '20). Already looking forward to the December edition. All the best, Ray PS. The November …

Reigniting memories
from an Aussie!
Eric, Thank you so much for your wonderful travelogue and photos. I look forward to your emails and photos. Keep safe and keep on posting. …

Hi Eric, this is Peña from Madrid  
It really impresses me your travel descriptions. This last one with your recaps of the past makes wonderful reading, the photographs are outstanding. …

My daughter-in-law in Lampang 
Dear Eric, I like your site very much. I mostly read all the stories and look at the beautiful pictures from that country far away. Right now my …

I am really enjoying reading about Phitsanulok. Your depth makes places that could otherwise be overlooked become very interesting and important. Thanks. …

Thanks Eric 
Eric, I must say gulls were never of interest to me, but after reading all you have put forward in this fantastic article about them, I feel I have …

Informative sharing (Malaysia) 
I was staying in Saraburi for 1 night and planning to leave for Nakhon Ratchasima early in the morning. Before going to bed, I was looking more information …

Thank you 
Thank you for sharing the dear memories of your beloved parents. All the best, Aviva

Dedication to my parents 
Hi Eric I just read your post about your parents. I am sorry to hear about your father, but your post was a wonderful memory to him and your mother. …

Thailand (ex-England) 
Once again Eric you have done great job with this review. I cannot travel round Thailand now like I used to so I see these places through your pictures …

Hi Eric, Once again you have written a fantastic review of another place in Thailand. Most of these places you write about I will never get to, …

Wonderful Travelbug - UK 
Hi Eric, Just read your latest Travelbug - Mahasawat Canal boat tour, Nakhon Pathom. Over and over again you produce the most wonderful Travelbug …

History and culture of Thailand and historical sites 
Thanks Eric for unravelling some of the historical details of Thailand. I like your cultural articles and your description and meaning of them. Your …

Fascinating historical information 
Thumbs up for the consistently insightful background and historical information on renowned places, people and events in Bangkok. Your monthly e-zine …

Jim Thompson Farm 
Hello Eric Lim, Thank you for posting your report about the Jim Thompson Farm. Sincerely, Torben Retboll Bangkok Thailand

Old Siam and Khmer, England. 
Yes, very stimulating. We have traveled around Thailand and her neighbours over the years. Some sort of way should be found to get the Bangkok Travelbug …

Hi, Eric, your writing is very interesting and informative about new and remote places. It motivates us to have frequent tours of such places.

Hello from India 
The Travelbug is good information for foreign travellers. It is nice to have your communication.

Greetings from Arizona, USA 
Eric, Thanks for your newsletter. I love your newsletter, comments and pictures. I have been to Thailand several times and love it. Planning …

Nice One on Surin Farmers 
Hi Eric, This was a lovely write-up on Surin farmers . So much more interesting than the elephant show (though it has its own charms, I am sure). …

Getting to Bang Saen (ex UK now Bang Saen) 
Firstly, congratulations on a great write up about Bang Saen. There's no reason to go to the Victory Monument to catch a (very cramped) mini van/bus …

From the Big "D" Dallas, Texas! 
Eric, thank you very much for your email. We have enjoyed all your articles. As always, you have great narratives & great pix too, on the "Land of …

Bangkok Travelbug
off the beaten track
As Bangkok Travelbug develops with the years, it is venturing off the beaten track to interesting places that are rarely visited by the average tourist …

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Khon Kaen's Silk Route 
Thanks for the insightful story about the silk industry in Khon Kaen. I always thought that in this day and age, silk would have been processed in a modern …

Look forward to the Travelbug 
I really look forward to the Bangkok Travelbug for the monthly dose of literary delight penned by an eagle-eyed and meticulous writer. The prose in …

Memories - Australia 
Hello Eric, I am so pleased I found your site. I travelled to Bangkok many times when I was younger and it still has a special place in my heart. …

Pertinent information 
Thank you for helping your readers to discover and appreciate Thailand.

Fascinating - from India 
Thanks Eric ! Your piece on Ang Sila was truly fascinating! Description was so good and realistic - almost felt like I was seeing it through my own …

A nice surprise every month 
I really like having these great newsletters. Thank you for your effort and devotion.

Tony from Australia 
Look forward to your newsletters, they highlight areas of Thailand that are unknown to me and I can plan to include these places to visit on my too …

Wonderful Description  
Congratulations! Wonderful description and narration of "The Sanctuary Of Truth". The feelings and details you have so carefully written make me …

Wedding at Khemmarat, Thailand 
Eric, Your May 2011 article on the wedding in Khemmarat is very interesting and the pictorials are really lovely of the wedding ceremony, the countryside.... …

Bangkok Revealed - Thailand/USA 
I have used and love the news about my city that has been so generously given me by the Bangkok Travelbug. The historical perspective is invaluable for …

Thank you Mr Lim for your great newsletter, Bangkok Travelbug. I will be very happy to meet you during my next trip to Bangkok. Isac Levy Thank …

4th Generation descendant of Tan Tock Seng 
Eric, Reference to the article, "The Siamese-Singapore connection", I'm Alice Tan Pek. My father, Tan Hay Leng was the son of Tan Kim Cheng, the …

Chonburi Buffalo Race 
Great information. I am an expat living in Bangkok and I'm planning to go next year!! B

Great reading! 
Hi Eric, from Chiang Mai What a fascinating article! You went to so much work to put all the pieces together. I really enjoyed it and will look for …

Eric Lim Strikes Again!!  
Hello Eric, Thanks for your great article, and photos on Singapore. As usual, a well written and researched piece, and very informative too. Since …

As usual travelbug 
Excellent work again, Eric. This latest one, your Nonthaburi one, and everything else I look at, just amazes me. Thanks. Jeff

The travelbug 
I hope that our (travel)-bug will never been eaten by a Gecko! Keep up your nice and interesting info! Best regards Ton

Chiang Mai 
Eric, I have just read your excellent account of your recent trip to Chiang Mai. Although I have made frequent visits to Thailand over the course …

Angkor Empire and Prasart Hin Phimai 
Dear Eric, Thank you for the very vivid description and write-up on the Angkor Empire and Prasart Hin Phimai. Having stayed in Cambodia for nearly …

Hi! Eric, What a great newsletter. I enjoyed it very much. Reading your story and looking at the pictures made me feel like I was on that trip with …

The Amazing Khmer 
Of course, see the many major sites at Angkor which far surpasses the building of the Incas and every other culture of the period; now the roads and paths …

Great and informative piece but why exclude the entrance cost? Seems this is something most people would like to know especially when many entrance fees …

Letter From Madrid 
Hi Eric, Pena and Delores, Just read about your wonderful visit and the great pics you posted in the Letter from Madrid. Sounds like you had a great …

Travelbug photos 
Hi Eric, I always enjoy learning something new about Bangkok from the Travelbug newsletter, but over the last couple of issues I have been unable to …

Treasures of Nonthaburi Travelbug February 2010 
Fantastic piece Eric - I can feel your emotions lighting up the script like a soft wash glazing a water colour painting!!

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Ko Kret - from Californa, U.S.A. 
I really enjoy your emails. The January 2010 issue was especially interesting because I had just last night been "sightseeing" the Panoramia photos on …

Interesting..... from Malaysia 
Dear Eric, As usual, your articles are very informative and very well formated. Congratulations Your Old Buddy Mike

A great improvement  
Dear Eric, Your write-ups on the events in the February Bangkok Travelbug provide excellent details and provide interesting glimpses of the history …

Keep it up from Cambodia 
Your write-up on the Loy Krathong Festival in the November issue of the Bangkok Travelbug was fascinating. It provided an excellent historical perspective, …

All I can say is Wow! - from NC USA 
Eric You did an outstanding job with the Bangkok Travelbug. I enjoyed reading it very much and the photos were just great. Looking at the before and …

Thank you - from South Africa 
Hi Eric, We would like to thank you for your interesting newsletters and information about Thailand. We have been to Thailand three times now, and really …

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The three-headed elephant in the photo at the top of this page is Erawan (Airawata in Sanskrit), the steed of Indra, the Hindu god of thunder and war. This huge sculpture is on the roof of the Erawan Museum, Samut Prakan, on the outskirts of Bangkok.

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This journey will take us from the rice fields of Nong Chok near the eastern city limits of Bangkok across the city to the canals in Thawi Wattana in the west.

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