Eric Lim Strikes Again!!

by D Ayres

Hello Eric,

Thanks for your great article, and photos on Singapore. As usual, a well written and researched piece, and very informative too.

Since I haven't been there since 1986, I suppose I would notice some changes even from then.

I hope your trip goes well in August, and I hope to read about it in due course.

Very impressed with the standard of subscribers to Bangkok Travelbug, (even me), a refreshing change from the usual illiterate rubbish on most Thai-related forums.

Bon Voyage

D Ayres

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Enjoy your accounts
by: Anonymous

Dear Eric,

I really enjoy the accounts of your travels in Thailand. If circumstances were different, I would undoubtedly be following in your footsteps, but, alas, that is not possible at the moment.

I am somewhat confused by the regular postings Re: 'Erawan Shrine'. Obviously this person is undergoing some personal difficulties, but I'm not sure that your site is the best place for expressing them.

I look forward to your next trip.



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