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By Eric Lim

A big hello from Bangkok

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Linking friends across the sea

Sign in our web page guestbook and help build a community of friends and visitors to Tour Bangkok Legacies. We’d loved to hear from you, wherever you are.

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Hi from London England. 
Been visiting wonderful Thailand since 1981. Best holiday country in the world. Wonderful culture, warm people and Singha beer. So sad the old Chatuchak …

Greetings from Singapore 
Singaporean here! Just wanted to say you write very well! If only your dad saw that you could've made money from your skill haha! Nonetheless your …

Hello from Shanghai, China 
Dear Eric, Thank you for your deeply informative site, and your clear love of the place. I found this site when researching an article about the current …

Love your focus 
Love your focus on legacies, learned much about Bangkok's historical places, especially with my interest on foreign influences and contributions. Fun …

Thanks for the excellent report on the Chom Thian area. We had a great visit to Wat Bang Khun Thien Nok yesterday, 23 December. I go regularly through …

Hola from Madrid 
Eric Well done. I am glad that you are still going strong at the task you started years back on your website. Our visit to Bangkok was one of the …

Hi from the United States  
Thank you for taking time to do this. Really enjoyed reading it. Don

Dose of madness 
Dear Eric, You walk the road less-travelled doing what many, most, of your compatriots cannot imagine themselves or anyone doing. It takes courage …

From Singapore 
Eric, Your high quality travel website deserves commendation for its thoroughly-researched, high-quality content with valuable background and historical …

Hello from Germany 
Hi there, We're from Germany but live here in Bangkok once more after an 11 year break. Now not so busy with work more time to explore Bangkok's many …

Hello from Singapore 
Eric, Great effort in compiling your interesting web site. Certainly enjoy the articles. Am glad you have found a very meaningful past-time and sharing …

Hi from the USA 
Eric Having served in the Peace Corps during the October 14th 1973 (most tragic day) massacre, but not knowing, at the time, what was going on, I found …

(but a native from Europe)
Just found this web-site and I love the combination of two things I like ... history and Thailand. The two do not always mix very well, but never mind …

A Fellow Singaporean 
Hi, Eric. What an excellent site !! I salute you for your painstaking efforts in putting together such a wonderfully simple yet comprehensive treat. …

Greetings from Thailand 
Eric, Your site is brilliant. It definitely puts the TAT to shame. I have been following your site since it began and often come here to gather inspiration …

Dear Eric, A splendid example of how you enrich the lives of others through your writings, your friendship and guiding hand in helping newcomers like …

Hello from Scotland 
What an interesting site, away from all of the usual touristy blogs one reads on other sites. A good read for people who are coming to Thailand for …

I am a transplanted Thai living in USA. I do enjoy your legacy tour very much. It is a fact and you have a deep knowledge of the places you visit and …

From Singapore 
Dear Eric Another special visit with Bangkok Legacies to the home of Ruen and Damrongsak Nirand, the master soap carvers. Thailand and her …

Jim Thompson Thai silk 
We first purchased silks from Jim Thompson in 1963. So in May 2012, we had to come by and purchase more silks and also some ties. I had the shirts …

Hello from Singapore 
What a joy to be taken on a regular virtual tour of new places in Thailand. Thanks, Eric & keep up with the wonderful articles and photos.

From the USA 
Great site!

Hello from Norway 
Hello! I love Thailand. Torbjørn Pedersen

A great site. Really looking forward to seeing some of the lesser known sites in my next visit to Bangkok.

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Hi from Singapore 
I find the information extremely useful as it introduces me to a view of Thailand that I never saw or knew about. I love traveling to Thailand but …

Hello from Singapore.  
A very informative and illuminating article model royal barge builder . Little did I realise that the models are not just a labour of professionalism, …

Hello from Spain 
Thanks for the good information. Nice web site.

Daniel (Singapore) 
Hi Eric, Helpful and wonderful site you've got. Thanks for the heads up and wishing you all the best!

Hello from Malta  
Thanks for the interesting information your site provides, keep up the good work. Claude

Tami - Texas, USA 
Have just arrived for a three year stay. So happy to have found your most informative page. I'll be referring to it quite often while making my way around …

Our Bangkok surprise 
My wife and I are in our 60s and we visit Bangkok frequently. We always discover or experience something new during our visits. Our point of reference …

Australia via Pattaya 
As a journalist/historian I think this is one of the best websites (and, just as important, e-zines) about Bangkok and Thailand available. The author has …

Hello from Singapore 
Great website with useful information for visitors to Bangkok. I like the way the information is organised. Eric has clearly put his heart into the …

From the sunny island of Singapore !  
Eric A big thank-you for creating this website. It allows frequent visitors like myself to discover the lesser-known treasures of this beautiful city. …

From Chiang Rai, Thailand 
One of the best websites on Thailand.

Thailand/United States 
This web site is a great service to visitors to the Thai Kingdom and even for those who have lived here for many years. I am particularly impressed …

Hello from the USA 
I am so grateful for this wonderful website. I am preparing to take my first trip to Bangkok and I am so happy this site is available.

Santa Cruz Church, Bangkok 
The information in this site are very useful. I took a few pictures at the Holy Rosary Church and also the Santa Cruz Church. Thank you and look …

Greetings from Greece 
I am all so fascinated with Bangkok, having visited the city four times since 1989. The people are so friendly, the hustle & bustle and all the smell of …

Australia - Chiang Rai 
A very informative and interesting site: thank you so much!

Hello from Singapore 
Good information and useful for traveling in Bangkok.

Hello from Singapore 
Hi Eric, Thank you for your wonderful description on the Thailand Railway Hall of Fame. We followed the directions from the page and while it was a …

Hi, Your site is nothing short of excellent. It covers all the things I've been looking for with regards to travel information, etc, of Thailand. …

From India 
Look forward to visiting your country next month.

Cry from South Africa 
My friend Pieter!!!! I'm worried. You've been in an accident in Bangkok, Thailand, the country you love so much. Hope you are well my dear dear friend. …

Gooie more 
Bangkok, you are beautiful, wish our people in South Africa could be like you.

Hello from the ACS Alumni in Thailand 
Hi Eric, It's so wonderful of Siri to invite me to the dinner this evening. I hope we'll get to meet up again. She is amazing. I've skimmed through …

The Netherlands swopped for Thailand 
Always nice to meet interesting people in our hotel. Useful information on a professional site. Not the usual touristic things (might also be convenient …

Asoke memories 
You web site brings back such memories. From 1956 - 1963, I was a carefree and privileged senior diplomat's son, living in the serenity of old Soi Asoke. …

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Hello from Indonesia 
That's beautiful country, I like this web..!!

View from the north 
Yo Eric Lim, Hope you're confining your marches to the sois of Nang Linchi and not the streets of Sala Daeng. While all the hooha is going on, I had …

Great web page, and I like the atmosphere, serene, quiet, and lots of passion underneath. Congratulations.

Thank you for your website, I really enjoyed the reading. I was several times in Bangkok but after having read tourist guide books, I don't really know …

Promoting Thailand 
Hi Eric, I like your website. It is very useful to those who don't know much about Thailand and there is so much information available for them. …

Hello from Germany 
I have been following this site for some years already, and it has given me several great ideas for places to visit, not found anywhere in the guide books. …

Although I'm Dutch, lived 15 years in north Spain, I feel Thai now after a stay in BKK of almost 5 years! You are working on a very nice and interesting …

Happy New Year from Nashville  
Hey Eric, Just wanted to say Happy New Year to ya over there. Wish I was there with you guys. I LOVE BANGKOK! Maybe next year dude. Your Pal …

From Singapore 
Living your dream no matter where you are and that is you. For those people who have read your posts and visited Thailand, you have indeed left your …

Hi from Nashville Tennessee  
Hey Eric, Just wanted to sign your guestbook. I am trying to pinpoint that condo I stayed in. Will keep ya posted. Thanks for your help. Here is …

Hi from Singapore 
Hi Eric, You certainly have made this site extremely interesting reading, very different from the 'run-of-the-mill' travelogues! Well researched, well …

From the USA  
Great Site Cool

Hello from Izzy 
American born, CT but was brought to Asia by the Vietnam conflict in 1963. I have spent most of my time since then working in Asia, usually living in Thailand. …

From Pai, Northern Thailand 
I'm from Singapore but I live in Thailand. For me, Bangkok has always been a place of transit... until your site opened up my eyes to a treasure trove …

Hello from Edinburgh, Scotland 
I shall be visiting Bangkok again for the third time over a period of 15 years. I found your site easy to follow and well set out. It reminded me of places …

From Bangkok 
A very clear outline of local history and colour of Bangkok. Wonderful for both locals and visitors.

Namasta from Nepal 
My name is Mukunda Today I am happy to say Namasta to each of you. I am from Nepal. All the best to each of you. Thank you Mukunda

Greetings from Portugal 
Great site, full of useful information! We're planning a short 3 days stay in Bangkok (the final stage of our journey through Vietnam and Cambodia) and …

Hi from Bahrain 
Very large airport, it was nice. Jalal Janahi Bahrain

From France 
This is a wonderful country with gentle people. You are very lucky to live here.

I was in your great country during the Vietnam War back in 1967. You have a very beautiful country and museums. I loved all the food you have in your country. …

Happy New Year from India 
We were forced to cancel our trip to our beloved Bangkok the day before the airport was closed, but now look forward very much to celebrate my husband's …

Hello from South Africa 
Hi Don't know where to start, I fell in love with the THAI people the first time I came to Bangkok. When I grew up in South Africa, I believed we …

Sawadee krap from Canada 
Kop koon krap for the website . I have learned a lot while reading it. I have only been to Thailand once and I will return as soon as I possibly can. …

My U-Tapao experience 
After some 5 days of high anxiety and frustration, we are finally on our way back to Singapore via U-Tapao Airport on 1 December. The drive to the airport …

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You are into a good thing
Hi Eric, There must be many out there who wish they can start afresh. Do something completely different. Move away from what is familiar. But it is …

Kia ora from Aotearoa... 
As a transplant from Singapore to Bangkok, Eric's scope and depth of knowledge of Thai culture, history, places of interests and current affairs is refreshing …

USA (Now Living in Bangkok) 
I have traveled to Thailand and Bangkok many times in the past 10 years, but I have learned more in the past hour reading this site than I have learned …

A Jewel 
Congratulations Eric!! Tour Bangkok Legacies is a wonderful website, with perhaps the most researched, interesting and detailed coverage of the REAL Bangkok …

Virginia, United States 
I was introduced to this website through my Uncle, Vic Plant. He was in Bangkok in the Navy and informed me of his story on this website. I found …

People's Republic of China 
I was introduced to your website by an overseas friend a few months ago and have accessed your site a few times already. I must thank you for starting …

Hello from Singapore 
Thailand is more than the resorts of Phuket, Krabi or Chiang Mai. There is so much more to know and from this site we can visit without leaving the living …

G'Day from Australia 
Thailand has always been a favourite place to visit and meet old acquaintances. Tour Bangkok Legacies provides that added touch even for seasoned visitors …

Greetings from the United States! 
Eric You have a wonderful web site. There is so much information about Thailand. It is very informative. I enjoy reading it and will visit this site …

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A Big Thank You to All

To all our readers and friends who have been kind enough to take the time to express their compliments and encouragement, we would like to say a big thank you.

Your comments have been very encouraging and really serve as a motivation to keep going and do better. I am also grateful for all the good friends that I have made through this web site, which has provided a way to link friends across the sea.

Some are still in e-mail contact; others unfortunately are unable to be in contact anymore. But they still remain in my thoughts. 

Alternatively, you can also E-mail us for queries or advice on your travel plans to Bangkok and Thailand. The other way of maintaining contact is through our monthly e-zine Bangkok Travelbug. There is a small community of subscribers here too.

Thank you for visiting us


The photos on this page were taken at an orchid exhibition held at the Siam Paragon, Bangkok on 17 June 2008.

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