Hello from Singapore

by Roy Ng
(Singapore )

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your wonderful description on the Thailand Railway Hall of Fame. We followed the directions from the page and while it was a long walk from Mo Chit skytrain station, it was nonetheless well worth the effort to get there.

We were happy with the displays in the museum. Thank you for your description.

We had a great time.


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Thank you
by: Eric Lim

Thank you Roy, for your compliments,

I'm glad you found the information in this web site useful and that you had an enjoyable visit.

I hope you took the short-cut across Chatuchak Park. It helps make the walk more pleasant.

Sorry about the long walk. That's something some of my friends frequently complain about about when they are out touring Bangkok with me :-)

Eric Lim
Tour Bangkok Legacies

P.S. Roy is referring to this article,
Thailand Railway Hall of Fame

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