People's Republic of China

by Xu Zhen Cheng
(Beijing, PR China)

I was introduced to your website by an overseas friend a few months ago and have accessed your site a few times already.

I must thank you for starting this site, which has so much information for travelers to Bangkok, especially for first time visitors or those who are not very familiar with the city

In fact, I was so impressed with so much information that it carries that I also introduced it to many of my friends all over my motherland.

Besides the information of the places that you featured, I also think that the photos are a good help as it is difficult to imagine what a place or building looks like from reading only. In addition, I also like your constant updating (I remember reading about the colorful orchid display not too long ago).

My biggest surprise was seeing the picture of a Chinese looking boat that was sent by your reader.

Maybe you can come to China and start a similar site in one of our lesser known cities to help to make it better known to the rest of the world.

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