Sawadee krap from Canada

by Alex
(Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)

Kop koon krap for the website .

I have learned a lot while reading it. I have only been to Thailand once and I will return as soon as I possibly can.

I am in awe of the genuine warmth of the Thai people. I wish I could only be there now. I plan to return in May 2009 and can only wish the days till my return would move faster.

I feel the one thing I really missed in Bangkok was a river tour. I would like to hire a small boat in May and tour the river at my leasure, for photographic purposes.

This I know will happen. I am quite excited about this even knowing it's 5 months away. It's things like this that keep me going day to day.

If anyone can suggest a firm that hires small boats on a daily basis at reasonable fees please comment.

Thank you

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