A Fellow Singaporean

Hi, Eric.

What an excellent site !!

I salute you for your painstaking efforts in putting together such a wonderfully simple yet comprehensive treat.

I will venture to say that even a seasoned traveller should visit your site first before setting foot into Thailand again.

Although I profess to being a regular business traveller to Bangkok for many years, I realise now how little I know about this great country.

You have re-opened my eyes to what I have missed out in Thailand all these years, Eric. And I thank you again for that.

Hopefully I will have the opportunity to land in Thailand again this time without the business suit and tie.

Do continue with the great work you are doing. Actually I am beginning to wonder what took you so long to put your passion into reality from the time your father first asked you what you want to be when you grow up.

I guess the answer is it is never too late as long as you follow your dream.

With all my best wishes and blessings.

Kwong Cheng

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Khob Khun Krap
by: Eric Lim

Khob Khun Krap Khun Somkietr,

Thank you for your support for Tour Bangkok Legacies. Glad to be of service in exploring, discovering and sharing life's travel experiences with the travellers of the world like you.

Eric Lim
Tour Bangkok Legacies

Your webpage.
by: somkietr

That is so true. Even I am a seasoned Thailand traveler and was formerly from Bangkok, I still respect your effort to put into details of places to visit in Bangkok and Thailand.

Keep on your good work.

Thank you very much
by: Eric Lim

Dear Kwong Cheng,

Thank you very much for your very encouraging comments in my guest book. I really appreciate your thoughts in making these comments.

As for why I didn't carry out my dreams when my father first asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up?

I told father I wanted to be a writer and he simply said, "What are you going to eat?"

My father worked for a publishing company and he ought to know.

Thank you once again.

Eric Lim
Tour Bangkok Legacies

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