View from the north

by Rex Hu
(Pai, Thailand)

Yo Eric Lim,

Hope you're confining your marches to the sois of Nang Linchi and not the streets of Sala Daeng. While all the hooha is going on, I had a wee tittle tattle with my little brain and came up with a whatever you want to call it.

Permit me to share it with you.

Sunrise sunset

An explosion of blazing yellows and fiery reds
We give not a second thought
To how each and every day is born
So why get so alarmed
when man seeks a new dawn

Sunrise sunset

Nature's heartbeat upon life's rich tapestry
We give not a second thought
When the glow of day meets the dark of night
So why look so aghast
When our hopes and fears collide

Sunrise sunset

Come rain or shine, hell or high water
We give not a second thought
When our skies weep and our lands bleed
So why feel so aggrieved
When it comes to our city streets

Sunrise sunset

That's how it was, is and always will be
We give not a thought
To the same, time after time, again and again
So why stand so apart
Over a mere cycle of man

From Rex Hu (Fiddler On The Goof)

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The serene fiddler
by: febo

Dear fiddler,

The serenity of your contribution shows the serene influence of the Buddhist environment that you wake up to daily.

It's sad that this awareness hasn't also been soaked up by the mad politicos who stir up the masses resulting in such violent destruction.

Sanity at its best
by: Guru, Singapore

Well done, Rex.

It is great to have someone still with his head on his shoulders and come up with some beautiful words, when the world around appears in chaos; devoid of understanding where the country is heading and little heed for the sufferings by the population, in general.

Cheers! Keep it up !

Thanks for the laugh
by: Eric

My dear Goofy Fiddler,

Thank you very much for that brilliant piece of tittle tattle and for a very good laugh in these trying times.

Eric Lim

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