Hello from Shanghai, China

by Lisa Movius

Dear Eric,

Thank you for your deeply informative site, and your clear love of the place. I found this site when researching an article about the current protests, and looking for more background on Thai political history for context.

It's a confusing rabbit hole to say the least, but your guides are very useful in delineating them.

Amidst the dry histories it's nice to encounter this passion project, with some sympathetic editorialising. I appreciate the perspective and the information, it helped me wrap my head around Thai politics, at least a little I hope.

All best,

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Thank you Lisa
by: Eric Lim

Dear Lisa,

Thank you very much for visiting Tour Bangkok Legacies and for your compliments. I hardly touch on local politics except from a historical perspective. As I live here, I refrain from commenting on domestic political problems.

As a matter of interest, what were the web pages that you found useful in your research?

If you find these web pages interesting, do subscribe to my monthly ezine,


Once again thank you.


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