Hello from South Africa

by Pieter Croukamp
(Kempton Park, South Africa)


Don't know where to start, I fell in love with the THAI people the first time I came to Bangkok. When I grew up in South Africa, I believed we were the friendliest people in the world.

But alas with all the political storms in our country the last couple of years, my once beautiful county is going to the dogs.

In 2001 my son in law flew me to Bangkok for my birthday. I turned 50, never flew in my life and I'm scared of heights.

You will not believe me, but I have never felt like a king in my own country, but in Bangkok I was made to feel like a king, some one special.

My son in law told me that when we return I will feel like I left something behind. Well he was right, I left my heart in Bangkok. I started flying regularly and started a small import company, importing Formula 1 clothing.

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