by Somkietr
(St.Louis, MO,USA)

I am a transplanted Thai living in USA. I do enjoy your legacy tour very much. It is a fact and you have a deep knowledge of the places you visit and write very well.

I believe that you know a lot more than 95% of all Bangkokians! Of course, life of working Bangkokians is like a ferris wheel. There is no time to spare and enjoy what Bangkok has to offer, which is a shame.

I had been in that situation before. Bangkok is very cosmopolitan in term of arts, cultures and food, fruits and shopping and it costs only 30% to 50% of other big cities.

This alone is a big allure for all the expats for the city of Bangkok. I will continue to follow your website.

Thank you very much.


St.Louis, USA

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Thank you once again
by: Eric Lim

Dear Somkietr,

Thank you very much for visiting us and for your encouraging comments. On your next visit to Bangkok, you can catch up with some of the places that you have missed.

I will endeavour to bring you more of these old treasures that are off the beaten track.

Thank you once again for your support.

Eric Lim

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