Asoke memories

by William Ting
(Diamond Bar, CA, USA)

You web site brings back such memories. From 1956 - 1963, I was a carefree and privileged senior diplomat's son, living in the serenity of old Soi Asoke.

Our house was within a stone's throw to the old campus of International School of Bangkok, where I attended 3rd through 9th grades. I remember this area so well, which prompted me to do a web-search on Soi Asoke.

To my surprise, I not only found it, but from your current map, it seems Soi Asoke has changed dramatically today from almost 50 years ago, when my family lived there. It probably still is a very exclusive place, but I notice a lot of first class hotels and a fast-rail station nearby.

During my stay, Soi Asoke was entirely high-class residential, filled with mansions and large houses. It obviously is more commercialized today.

Thanks for the memories.

Greetings from Dr. William Ting at Diamond Bar, CA (suburb of Los Angeles, California, USA).

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Bangkok nostalgia
by: Eric

Thank you very much for your nostalgic recollections of old Bangkok. Life must have been quite charming then, less traffic, noise and high rise buildings.

Today you can scarcely recognize the Soi Asoke of your boyhood. That stretch of Asoke is choked with traffic all day and night. The subway runs under Soi Asoke and connects to the skytrain at Asoke station in Sukhumvit Road.

One feature since your days remains, the Saen Saap canal and the canal boats are still plying their services.

Eric Lim
Bangkok Travelbug

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