Angkor Empire and Prasart Hin Phimai

by Guru

Dear Eric,

Thank you for the very vivid description and write-up on the Angkor Empire and Prasart Hin Phimai.

Having stayed in Cambodia for nearly two and a half years, not too long ago, and having visited Siem Reap a few times, your write-up on the Angkor Empire, especially its presence in North-eastern and Central Thailand, provides a new dimension to the spread of the Angkor Empire, well beyond where it had its roots.

The photographs and the description of the Prasart Hin Phimai are outstanding and provide excellent impressions of the size and beauty of the place.

The architecture is very similar to what you find in Siem Reap and one will see the equivalent of the Naga Bridge in a number of places in Siem Reap.

Keep up the good work. Cheers!


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