Wonderful Description

by Rajendar Mangalagiri
(Visakhapatnam, India)


Wonderful description and narration of "The Sanctuary Of Truth".

The feelings and details you have so carefully written make me feel like I was actually there and seeing it.


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by: Rajendar

Thanks Eric!

Planning to visit in a couple of months, when the weather will hopefully be cooler and am sure to visit and experience "The Sanctuary of Truth"

Happy Writing!

Best Wishes,




The best time to visit Thailand in terms of weather is the period from November - January. It's nice and cool, cold even in some of the provinces in north and north-eastern Thailand.

Wish you a happy holiday in Thailand.


Thank you
by: Eric Lim

Hi Rajendar,

Thank you for subscribing to the Bangkok Travelbug and for your comments on the Sanctuary of Truth. The place is really awe-inspiring in it's size, design and sculpture.

But there's nothing compared to seeing the real thing. I hope that you can have that opportunity one day.

All the best.

Eric Lim
Bangkok Travelbug

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