Bangkok Revealed - Thailand/USA

by Janet Brown

I have used and love the news about my city that has been so generously given me by the Bangkok Travelbug. The historical perspective is invaluable for a history buff like me.

When I feel restless, I take a "travelbug" trip through Bangkok and fall in love with the place all over again.

Janet Brown
Author of Tone Deaf in Bangkok
ThingsAsian Press

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Now, Across the Globe, Even More
by: Janet Brown

I come to Bangkok once a year now and miss it very much. Your news and photos let me roam vicariously through Bangkok, and I appreciate this more than I can say. Many thanks for what you do--and do so well!

Keep moving and writing, please--


by: Eric Lim


Thanks for your interest and support. The Travelbug will strive to seek out more historical gems for you to roam the city that you love.

Bangkok Travelbug

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