Getting to Bang Saen (ex UK now Bang Saen)

by LoZ

Firstly, congratulations on a great write up about Bang Saen.

There's no reason to go to the Victory Monument to catch a (very cramped) mini van/bus to Bang Saen.

For the first timers to Bang Saen.

Get the Sukhumwit line skytrain going in the direction of Bearing, buy a ticket to Ekamai station for the Ekamai bus station. When you get to the bus station go inside and look for the bus to Nong Mon (Bang Saen bus).

The cost is around 70/80 baht, cheaper and a lot safer than the mini vans/buses (crazy drivers!).

Tell the bus driver/conductor you want to get of at Nong Mon Bang Saen, they are usually very good at getting farangs (foreigners!) off at the right stop.

You will have to cross the road to the songtheow for the beach, pick your moment and go, DO NOT FAULTER, the oncoming traffic will have you spotted, keep going. Try to get at the side of a local and do as they do. If you have crossed a road in Bangkok you'll know what I mean!

Before you get on the songtheow check that it's going down to the beach road, some don't, they go back to Chonburi, I know, I nearly went back to Chonburi when I got there the first time!

If it doesn't turn left at the first set of traffic lights get off, go across the road to the Galaxy and get on one that goes passed there, that's the one you want.

Wherever you get off along the beach road the fare is only 10 baht, in my experience, 99% of the drivers will not rip you off, but you always get the odd one that tries it on....

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Bang Sean better now than before
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for the info.

Thank you for the suggestion
by: Eric Lim

Thanks for a very good suggestion for an alternative way of getting to Bang Saen and for the detailed directions.

Some of the mini-buses from the Victory Monument can be scary; they travel faster than the saloon cars on the highway! I don’t even want to think about what speed that is.

For those who missed this article, here it is again, Bang Saen – the lovers’ tragedy

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