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Bangkok Travelbug December 12 Silverlake Vineyard, Pattaya
November 27, 2012

Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya

Welcome back to the Bangkok Travelbug. Once again we visit a very different and special place, a vineyard. Yes, there are vineyards in Thailand and the Silverlake Vineyard is one of them.

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Background to the Silverlake Vineyard

The Silverlake Vineyard is a 1,200 rai (192 hectares or 480 acres) estate in Jomtien just south of Pattaya. It’s the only vineyard in the eastern region of Thailand.

The project was initiated by Surachai Tangjaithrong and his wife Suphansa Noengphirom who were inspired during a visit to an Italian vineyard during their vacation. As Surachai personally loves wine too, the idea of a vineyard in Thailand was born.

During a visit to their son studying in the USA, the couple got to know John and Sandi Arns who run the Arns Winery in St Helena, California in the heart of Napa Valley.

Surachai had bought land in Jomtien some time ago and invited the Arns there for a feasibility study. John took some soil samples back to the USA for analysis and the results were positive.

In 2003 the decision was made to start a vineyard. One evening as Surachai gazed at the lake against the setting sun which glazed the water with a silvery glitter, "Silverlake" finally came into being.

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Attractions at Silverlake

As you approached the Silverlake Vineyard, the first feature that strikes you is a tall cliff face with a huge Buddha image carved into the rock. This is Khao Chee Chan or Buddha Mountain.

Khao Chee Chan

How did this mountain turn out this way? Please see Khao Chee Chan.

The scene at the vineyard is simply spectacular; a cluster of quaint buildings in Tuscan architecture, the colourful flowers with the placid waters of the lake in the background. For a moment, I almost forgot I was in Thailand.

Tuscan charm in Pattaya

Within the cluster of buildings, there’s a wide terrace that resembles a small town square with a fountain. Stroll around the area for some photo-taking.

There’s café for refreshments as well as a souvenir shop.

In 2009, Thai TV Channel 3 filmed a popular TV soap opera series in Silverlake. That brought the Thai visitors in droves.

When you have finished wandering around the buildings, go down to the bus-stop where there are 30-seater open buses to take you around the vineyard. The fare is 70 baht per person. That’s the only charge levied at the Silverlake Vineyard.

Bus stop for the tour bus

The tour bus goes on a fixed route with fixed stops long enough for visitors to snap their photos. You may re-join the bus or choose to take the next bus that comes along. You are also free to walk around the farm for as far as your legs can take you.

Here’s a sample of the scenery along the way.

Our first stop in our bus tour of the Silverlake Vineyard is at this windmill by the lake.

The main attractions in this area are actually the beautiful flower beds all around.

Our next stop brings us to the real thing, the basic product of a vineyard, grapes. These grapes are not grown in the open but sheltered in tents made of muslin cloth.

The final stop in the bus tour of the Silverlake Vineyard is at Khao Chee Chan or Buddha Mountain that stands like a guardian over the vast estate.

View of Khao Chee Chan from the vineyard

Lastly if you are famished after all that walking around the vineyard, there’s the Silverlake Wine and Grill Restaurant across the road to replenish yourself.

Silverlake Wine & Grill Restaurant

Dining in the terrace

There’s a beautiful garden around the restaurant where you can have your parting shots of souvenir photos.

Besides wine, Silverlake Vineyard produces grape juice, grape flavoured jam, jelly and cookies and of course the Silverlake 2006 Shiraz.

I didn’t wait for sunset to see the silver lake. Here’s why.

So it’s time to scoot. See you next year. Merry Christmas and a Happy Year. Have a warm and happy holiday with your family and friends.

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Map to the Silverlake Vineyard

View Silverlake Vineyard in a larger map

Getting to the Silverlake Vineyard

Go along Sukhumvit Road till you are just past 161 km marker. Turn left into Ban Yen Road the road that is directly opposite Na Chom Thien 52 on the right.

Admission is free, cost of the tour bus within the vineyard is 70 baht per person.

Opening times

The Silverlake Vineyard is open every day from

0830 – 1800 hours


Pattaya office
31/62 Mu 7 Na Jomtiem

Tel no +66 3893 8250

Bangkok Office
193/73 Lake Ratchada Office Complex 18 B floor
Ratchaphisek Road
Klong Toey
Bangkok 10110

Tel no +66 2261 6565

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Where to stay – hotels in Pattaya

For hotels in Pattaya

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Other attractions in Pattaya

Bottle Art Museum

Pattaya floating market

Sanctuary of Truth

Viharn Sien

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