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Bangkok Travelbug Mar 2018 The Three Little Pigs
February 26, 2018

The Three Little Pigs - Sam Phran, Nakhon Pathom

Welcome back to the Bangkok Travelbug. No, we are not going into children's stories. The Three Little Pigs is actually the name of an organic farm, café and restaurant. However, the place is linked to that favourite tale of our childhood, as we shall see.

The organic farm and cafe

Please join us as we take a pleasant stroll through nature in this visit to a traditional Thai fruit and vegetable farm in Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom.

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Background to The Three Little Pigs

We were lucky during our second visit to The Three Little Pigs to meet the owner and founder, Khun Karamit Itchayanan.

The traditional vegetable farm originally belonged to his maternal grandparents and consists of cultivated plots separated by narrow ditches criss-crossing the entire farm.

During the rainy season, these ditches retain the excess water and prevent flooding. In the dry season, the water is used to water the crops.

A traditional vegetable farm

The farmer moves within the farm by wooden bridges and walkways linking the various plots or he can move by boat along the ditches. Small buckets with long wooden handles are used to scoop the water from the ditches to water the vegetables.

Traditional farming tools – note the
long-handled buckets

Khun Karamit, when he inherited the farm, decided to start a cafe using the produce of the farm. Together with a small group of friends and an architect, they designed an outlet that retained the main features of the farm and blended with the natural surroundings of the farm.

Though the main restaurant is housed within two buildings, many of the dining tables are located outdoors among the greenery. Additional trees and creepers were planted to add to the shade and ambience.

The indoor dining areas

Visitors can choose to eat indoors which would seem a such waste given the beautiful gardens outside or sit in one of the cosy enclosures outdoors.

There are various table arrangements to suit the visitors' needs. You may choose to eat the traditional way on a mat on the floor, on couches or at the dining table.

Take your pick of dining area

The service staff are employed from the residents in the neighbourhood thus providing employment to the community.

Currently the output from the farm only supplies about 30% of the restaurant's needs. The rest are purchased from the market. The farm has started a scheme to encourage families of their staff who are in farming to meet some of the restaurant's needs.

Vegetables from the farm

The produce is then purchased from the families of the staff at market prices. This is an ideal relationship between a business and its local community providing mutual benefits to one another.

Fresh and green

Low hanging mangoes


Why "The Three Little Pigs"?

Why "The Three Little Pigs"? This was the one question I couldn't wait to ask the owner and this was his answer. Khun Karamit compared his career over the years to the trials and tribulations of the three little pigs in the children's story.

His first job was with a contractor which was fraught with problems with his supervisors. He soon left the company. This stage of his career he likened to the first little pig who had his straw house blown down by the big bad wolf.

Next, he invested in a business with some friends. This didn't work out either. This second stage was like the second little pig who had his wooden house blown down.

At last he came home, back to the farm started by his grandparents. This farm is like the brick house built by the third little pig, strong, stable and enduring.

On reflecting over the stages of his career, he decided to call his new venture, "The Three Little Pigs".


Touring "The Three Little Pigs"

It's pleasant walking through this farm with its narrow wooden walkways and bridges spanning the ditches. Some of these walkways are quite narrow so please be careful.

Walking around the farm

Taking a boat ride along the ditches is another favourite particularly with the children. The boats are tied to the banks and visitors can help themselves to these boats.

Boating along the ditches

Many of the trees and plants are labelled with wooden boards to inform visitors of what plants they are. I noticed one of the staff coming out to the garden to get some fresh greens for the kitchen.

Some of the organic farm produce is on sale at stalls placed along the way. There's children's playground with a sandpit and enclosures for a tortoise and ducks. You can feed the fish or visit the mushroom green house where the mushrooms are picked daily.

Duck and tortoise enclosure

Fresh mushrooms from the farm

The Three Little Pigs is more than just a farm and restaurant, it's a place where visitors can enjoy the peace and serenity of country life and appreciate a closeness to nature.

We must congratulate Khun Karamit who finally built his brick house on the solid foundations laid by his grandparents. And no big bad wolf is going to huff and puff and blow his house down.

In the words of advice that Mother Pig gave to the Three Little Pigs,

"Whatever you do, do the best you can because that's the way to get along in the world."

Peace and serenity


Our thanks

Our sincere thanks to Khun Karamit Itchayanan for sharing with us the story of his pet project, The Three Little Pigs. We wish him and his colleagues all the best and success in their project.


Map to the Three Little Pigs

If the map doesn’t appear, click on this link


The Three Little Pigs
6/13 Mu 2 Soi Thong Dee
Tambon Yai Cha
Amphur Sam Phran
Nakhon Pathom 73110

Tel: 065 236 0959

Facebook: The Three Little Pigs Farm

Opening times

The Three Little Pigs Organic Farm and Café is open everyday
from 0900 – 1930 hours

How to get there

By car

If you are coming from Bangkok, cross the Taksin Road – Ratchapruek Road - Phet Kasem (highway 4).

This route will take you out of Bangkok to Om Noi in Samut Sakhon before you get to Sam Phran in Nakhon Pathom. Look out for the landmarks, Sam Phran Riverside and Rose Garden Golf Club before you see the Toyota showroom.

The U-turn is just after the Toyota showroom. After you have made the U-turn keep left and look out for Soi Thong Dee. There's a Three Little Pigs signboard right at the entrance to the soi.

Parking is available just outside the Three Little Pigs. It is suggested you go on a weekday or early on Saturday morning as it can get crowded later in the day. On Sundays it can be very crowded and you may have a problem walking along the narrow walkways.


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