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Bangkok Travelbug March 15 Phae Rim Nam Resort Ang Thong
February 27, 2015

Phae Rim Nam Resort in Ang Thong

Welcome back! This month we move to the province of Ang Thong in central Thailand 100 km north of Bangkok. Ang Thong (ang – basin, thong – gold) is immediately north of Ayutthaya and her wide open plains drained by the Chao Phraya are famous for their rice fields.

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Pa Mok district, Ang Thong province

Pa Mok is one of the seven districts in Ang Thong and is located at the southern end of the province. It’s a small district with a small town located at the junction of routes 309 and 329. The area in Pa Mok consists mainly of rice fields, rice mills* and rice processing plants# for sorting and packing rice for sale locally or abroad.

Rice appears to be cultivated all year round. In January and February, I could see rice fields growing at various stages, some with ears of rice showing; others midway and some freshly planted fields.

Rice field near the resort

As the area is watered by the Chao Phraya, it’s blessed with multiple crops a year and it’s little wonder the province is called the "golden basin".

There’s not much in terms of recreation and entertainment in Pa Mok except for perhaps for Phae Rim Nam Resort with its restaurant and the Pin To Restaurant by the Chao Phraya four km to the north. So let us take you on a virtual tour of Phae Rim Nam Resort where we spent more than a few days.


*Harvested rice is sent to rice mills to separate the grain from the husk.

#The unhusked rice grains are sent to rice processing plants to undergo the following processes:
  • Going through a blower to get rid of the dust

  • Sieving into different grades according to the size of the grain

  • Washing and polishing to give the grains a shine

  • Packing into sacks for export

Rice mill in Pa Mok

The rice is either transported to the port by road in containers or shipped by barges along the Chao Phraya to the estuary where they are transferred to other ships for further transportation. This is the state of the rice grains when the consumer buys it.

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Scenery at Phae Rim Nam Resort

The centrepiece of Phae Rim Nam Resort is a huge lake about six km in circumference which was created as a result of the sand dredging operations that are still in progress.

The artificial lake near the resort

The owner of this operation decided to turn the crater into a lake and build a resort on the banks of the lake. This and re-vegetation of the area have the effect of softening the destructive impact of the sand dredging operations on the surroundings.

The atmosphere here is idyllic, peaceful and scenic, perfect place to get away and leave your worries behind, gather your thoughts and concentrate on reading some of your favourite books, writing what you always wanted to write and even paint or photograph the scenery if you like.

Temperatures in January and February are below 20° C in the early mornings. It’s pleasantly cool and on a particular January morning when temperatures were at 14° C, the lake and surroundings area were shrouded in thick mist.

One cold and misty morning in late January

The scenes at mid-day and early evening provide striking contrasts.

View of the lake at mid-morning

Sunset over the lake

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There are three types of accommodation available at Phae Rim Nam Resort, namely:
  • Thatched houses

  • Traditional wooden houses

  • Brick houses

All rooms are air-conditioned, with hot and cold showers and equipped with a fridge and television. Here are views of the three types of accommodation both from the outside and inside.

There are two types of thatched houses; those on rafts in the lake and those on land. These houses appear to be rather small when viewed from the outside. But after viewing the interior it’s sufficient and functional. There’s even a small balcony overlooking the lake.

Thatched huts

Space in the first two wooden buildings I visited is limited. There’s hardly room for other furniture after placing the bed. There’s just enough space to walk around the bed. Seating space is provided in the balcony outside.

View of the wooden buildings

The brick buildings look plain and ordinary but the rooms are spacious and furnished with a small table, a bench with a set of drawers below, sparse but practical.

The brick buildings

Anyway, take a look at all three to see which type suits you best.

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The only recreational facility in Phae Rim Nam Resort is the Khun Kung Restaurant which is built on a series of pontoons and extends out to the lake.

Restaurant by the lake

Pretty corner for photos

The restaurant serves a wide variety of fresh sea-food cooked in different flavours. Here’s a sample of the food we had.

Som tam (papaya salad), fish maw soup, chicken wrapped in pandan leaves

Deep fried fish

Fiery hot kaeng pa (jungle curry) with fish

Various flavours of coffee, ice cream and Thai deserts are also on the menu. Sit and relax with your coffee, ice cream and enjoy the scenery.

The crowning glory – waffle with ice cream

View from the restaurant

In the evenings when it’s cooler, have your dinner outside on the open raft. On cool and breezy evenings, this is another pleasant experience. There’s a private function room for bigger groups of more than a dozen.

Dining on the open raft

Don’t expect well-manicured lawns and pristine conditions of a 5-star resort in Bangkok with all the attendant services. Phae Rim Nam Resort is a place with a natural country air and it must be approached in that spirit.

At noon

There are no souvenir shops, shopping areas or sight-seeing tours. Take a walk in the late afternoon when it’s cooler along the country lanes lined with rice fields. Or walk on the track around the lake; it’s approximately 6 km. Watch out for the dogs in the area, though. They tend to be very territorial. If dogs put you off, run round the football field instead.

Quiet country lane

The air is fresh and clean, the people are nice and helpful and the place is quiet and peaceful. It’s a refreshing and wonderful way to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle in Bangkok.

At twilight

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Maps of Phae Rim Nam Resort

This map shows the detailed layout of the resort. Please note that the map is not updated as some of the buildings are not shown.

Click here if the map doesn’t appear detailed layout

This second map shows the way to get there. The highways are all numbered so it’s not a problem finding the way.

Click here if the map doesn’t appear route to Phae Rim Nam Resort


Phae Rim Nam Resort
55 Khor Mu 1
Tambon Pa Mok
Amphur Pa Mok
Ang Thong 14130

Tel: 66 819 477 491

Rates for the chalets range from 500 – 1000 baht per night.

Khun Kung Restaurant

Tel: 66 830 391 999

Opening hours

1100 – 2200 hours

At the time of visit, the restaurant doesn’t serve breakfast, so make your own arrangements. There an electric kettle, cups and saucers in the room, so you can prepare your own instant food and beverages

As it is relatively new, there is also no wifi service. You’ll have to depend on your own internet connection.

How to get to there

By car

From Bangkok head north along Viphawadi - Rangsit Road - Don Muang Airport - highway 1 (Asian Highway) - highway 32 – past Ayutthaya - turn left to highway 329 to Pa Mok. At Pa Mok, cross the Chao Phraya River, go around the oval traffic junction and head north to highway 3501. Keep going till you see the resort on your left.

Alternatively, take the highway that goes to Chaeng Watthana – highway 306 – highway 347 – turn left to highway 309 – Pa Mok. At the Pa Mok junction turn left to highway 329 – cross the river – go round the oval junction and turn north to highway 3501.

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