Praying for matters of the heart

by Lost but hopeful

I have been praying to the four-faced Buddha in the temple near by my area. I'm in my early thirties and have been struggling to find a meaningful relationship in my life.

So far I have dated a handful of girls but could not find one lasting relationship. I'm just an average looking guy who's doing quite well in the corporate world.

I do not consider myself socially awkward but I have terrible luck in the matters of the heart. After hearing some stories from my friend, I have tried to pray to four-faced Buddha.

I pray on a weekly basis and donate to the temple almost every visit. So far no luck in my prayers, there is no change in my luck thus far.

The person I have my eyes on barely notices my feeling for her. In fact, it seems that she is going out with someone else. So I am not even sure should I continue to pray or I am just deluding myself that some miracle will happen

I have a question, if I pray to him and ask for the same thing every time, does it mean I have to fulfill my promise to him once or the number of time I have requested for the wish from him?

To the rest of the people reading here, I hope your wish is granted and have better luck than me. Still hoping for a miracle.

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Sep 27, 2015
Lost but hopeful
by: Lost but hopeful

Nope the prayers for my case didn't work. In fact, everything I prayed for is going the opposite direction.

Hope the people out there have better luck.

Maybe I am not worthy of a miracle :)

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