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By Eric Lim

Bangkok news is an information service provided to bring relevant, real-time and interesting news feeds on general events, cultural, hotel and travel news concerning Bangkok.

This enables our readers to keep in touch with what's happening in Bangkok and Thailand.The news sources are beyond the standard English news media in Bangkok and tap on sources from around the world. 

This is a one-stop news page that provides feeds from various sources that are right at your fingertips.

Or you can search for local items of interest from Bangkok’s two English dailies, Bangkok Post and The Nation which provide comprehensive coverage of various news items in the country.

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In addition, we have provided news feeds from two of the internet’s search engines, Google and Yahoo for you to have a cross section of the news on Bangkok.

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Or if you prefer to search for a specific item, you can use the search box below.

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The Bangkok Post travel tips are very useful for keeping track of local festivals, events, new attractions and developments. 

The travel section of The Nation, the other English daily in Thailand, Nation Travel is another source of travel information.

These links provide invaluable travel information on places and events of interest in Bangkok and the various provinces, for example;

  • the procession of carved candle wax figures in Ubon Ratchathani,
  • sunflower festivals in Saraburi,
  • where the major Loy Krathong celebrations are held
  • and other festivals in Thailand.

Discover interesting off-the-beaten-path places like;

  • the Kui ethnic group in Ban Alue, Surin who still wear their traditional dress, live in their traditional houses, plant mulberry trees, rear silkworms and weave silk
  • The Chinese Muslim community from Yunan, China whose market in old Chiang Mai is so well hidden even some locals don’t about it
  • The old Dutch settlement in Ayutthaya where a building has been restored as a museum to record the presence of the Dutch in old Siam since the 17th C.

We hope these features will be useful to you in making your travel plans to Bangkok and Thailand. With today's mobile devices you will literally have the news at your fingertips. Please e-mail us your feedback to help us improve our services. We will be grateful for it.

Keep in touch with Bangkok, with these news feeds. Have a happy and safe journey each and every time you visit us.

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