The four-faced Buddha helped me

by Dan Teo

Just last year when I was 15, I was anti-social and didn't have any social skills. I didn't have friends since then and have always been alone and sad. I even had depression last year.

This year, it's still the same, just that I didn't have depression as severe. But I didn't dare to go out of house. I avoided people everywhere I could and people would stare at me weirdly. Yes, I had social phobia. I will get really tensed up around people or when people look at me.

I decided to go to a temple and visit a four-faced Buddha master. He helped me out many times by giving me amulet so that I will be able to learn to socialise and make friends.

The next day when I went to school, miracles happened. My friends began to talk to me and chat with me, even though it was for a while, but it was rare that they would talk to me!

The master also taught me to chant so that I will have the confidence to go out. The next day, I was very confident everywhere I went! It was really so miraculous and so true!

I am really grateful to the four-faced Buddha! I will sincerely pray to him whenever I have the time.

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