Come back to me


Last year 2008 I made a wish at the four-faced Buddha for my brother and that helped him. So this year I returned to the Erawan Shrine to keep my vow.

I also made another wish to the four-faced Buddha. Last year, my ex-boyfriend broke off with me. I wished that my ex-boyfriend and I can patch up as I miss and love him. I made this wish on 12 April 2009. Until now no news or any sms from him.

I did make the effort to sms him occasionally, but no reply from him. Sometimes I really want to give up but somehow I hold back. Still waiting for him.

Everyday, I pray to God to soften his heart and make him realise that he is hurting not only me but himself also.

I heard he is not doing well. Although I can't help him financially, I hope to give him some support or encouragement.

Hope the four-faced Buddha can grant my wish.

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Dec 17, 2011
Did you make up?
by: Anonymous


Did your get back together with your boyfriend in the end?

I shared a similar case like yours and well, I love him so much and he decided to leave. So I wonder are we meant to be? Sob.

Oct 27, 2009
Hi there
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

Do you plan to go back to the four-faced Buddha again? Awaiting for your soonest reply.


Sep 03, 2009
Come back to me
by: Anonymous

Hi Leo

Thank you for sharing your experience and feelings.

Indeed, I also went to different temples or shines to pray. The result is to wait patiently. I have been secretly helping him financially but do not want to let him know. I do not want to use this method to gain him back.

At first, I thought of dying. But later, all my friends gave me advise and support. Now I am doing something that I like which helps me not to think of him too often while waiting for him.

Now I am feeling better. I wish to go back to Bangkok to return the vow that I made with him.

Hope my wishes will come truth.

Jul 31, 2009
Come back to me
by: Leo

Answer for the "come back to me"

I was having the same situation like the girl that wanted her boyfriend to come back to her so badly.

My wife betrayed me and fell in love with another man and she left me without informing me for few months.

I went to almost every pagoda and fortune teller that I know to pray and hope that she will return. After many months, she finally return but I don't have the feeling of loving her anymore. So we divorced.

Why? It is the answer from Buddha. I'm now very happy and much happier than with my ex-wife. I'm now re-married with a woman that is 10 times better that my ex-wife and she supports everything I do. (No bad things)

I'm very thankful to Buddha and please remember that if your boyfriend doesn't return to you, it is the answer and blessing from the Great Buddha because you deserve a better life.

Trust me, I've been through that and I know about "suffer" I lost 10 kilo in weight. Believe in Buddha and let him bless you and make you happier.

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