Four faced Buddha saved my life!

by Chris Yong

Hi everyone,

I'm Chris from Malaysia.

Back in 1995 when I was only 13 years old, I went over to my friend's house to play video games (SEGA). It was on a Friday morning at about 11am. We played until at about 1pm I think, then we got bored and we decided to play computer.

Back in those times, we needed to type some stuff to work the DOS. It was not like today's PCs. So I told my friend to work on the PC while I packed his video game and we could start playing as soon possible.

As I was about to finish I realized the adapter of the video game was still connected to the wall plug. When I pulled it off, I realized I broke the adapter. One of its metal connectors was still stuck in the wall socket.

I thought the switch was OFF. So I used my hand to pull it out. Once I touched the metal pin I was electrocuted! I could feel electricity running through the back of my neck, on my back and even my feet and toes. At that time I realized I couldn't speak and I couldn't hear anything. Everything around me became kinda slow motion.

At that time my friend couldn't see me because we had our backs to each other. I was scared, I tried to pull my hand back but I only managed to pull it off about 2-3 inches. Then it got suck back in. I got really scared.

On my second attempt I tried pulling harder and I managed to pull it off. All this time I was wearing the four faced Buddha pendant. When I managed to pull my finger out off, I was moving backwards because I pulled really hard.

The next thing I knew the four faced Buddha pendant I was wearing broke into pieces. It was kinda exploded and was scattered all over the place. But the strange thing was that the string that I was wearing with the pendant was still on me. There was nothing wrong with it.

I went home to tell my parents about the incident and the next day we went to a Thai temple where there was a four faced Buddha. We bought flowers and such to thank him for saving me.

Then I went to see a monk in the temple because I didn't know where to put scattered pieces of the pendant. When I handed him the pendant he ask me what happened. When I told him he said the four faced Buddha had saved me.

Till today I’m still wearing the four faced Buddha pendant because I know he will protect me.

Chris Yong

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