Four-faced Buddha a prayer for everything

by Kat Kat

I'm a girl with very good luck when I was a child. However, as I grew up, it changed and I often found myself faced with bad luck and surrounded by nasty people who cause harm to me.

At 23 years old, I'm lost. I've had a glamorous job and I indulged in spending all the money I earned. I decided to leave the job last month and start my own online business. Went to Bangkok to get stocks and also prayed to the four-faced Buddha to grant my few wishes.

I prayed for a good relationship with my boyfriend and no more tears or sadness anymore in our relationship.

I prayed for good health and looks, for all my aches to go away, so that I can lead an energetic life. I prayed for good fortune.

I prayed for good luck for my business and to find a great job with nice and helpful people and a good salary.

I prayed for a chance for promotion and advancement. I prayed for good luck. I prayed for my family and my safety.

Four-faced buddha, could you answer my prayers please? I need your help and guidance... Please grant my wishes to help me get through this. I'm now cashless... I only hope to get a great job now with great pay and great people, to help my family and give me a better life.

I will definitely go back to return my vow... Please grant my wishes.

I need a helping hand in this horrible life of mine... I need a light. Please guide me to it. I promise to be a better person...

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Aug 09, 2009
Job Recommendation
by: Kat Kat

I did not get the job... but got a job recommendation from a friend now. I hope my job application gets through, as there is a need to seek approval for the extra headcount.

I really hope everything works out this time. I'm running out of money and without a job, I won't be able to survive and be happy......

Please give me a chance in life. I really want to do better in life, for myself and for the people around me. I don't wish to be stuck in this rut forever. Please help me...

I need this job recommendation to get approved, so I can move on with life with a job... I wish to do better and I need your guidance and a START to begin with...

Please answer my prayers. Please...

Jun 19, 2009
Prayers will be answered
by: Rena S.O.

Kat Kat

Don't give up! I am pretty sure your prayers will be answered. Just be patient.


Jun 02, 2009
New Job - New Life
by: Kat Kat

I really pray to get this job. I pray that the job will come with advancement opportunity, nice people, good salary, good benefits and this time... a job in which I will shine in. I also pray that this job will allow me to cope well with my other things.

I pray that I get this job. I went for interview yesterday and still haven't got a call. My mind is unsettled now. I keep thinking about whether I will get the job. Please calm my mind and let me have this job. I pray to the Buddha, as I don't like to feel this way. I need this job badly.

Jun 02, 2009
Prayer for Everything
by: Kat Kat

I've just got a job interview yesterday... I really did my best and hope that I can get the job to help out with my financial problem at home now. My mom is working day and night now because I'm jobless. She's already 52 and I really don't like seeing her work so hard.

I pray that I'm given the chance to begin a new life, to start everything well and give my mom a better life. I pray hard for this job, as it would bring happiness not only to me but also to my family in time to come.

I also pray if I get this job, it would be filled with happiness and nice helpful people surrounding me and with plenty of chance for advancement, promotion and salary increment. I am trying my best to help myself but I need a chance to show that I can do it too.

I'm just 23 years old and I'm at a loss. Please lead me to the right path, Buddha. Please open a bright and good path for me.

May 31, 2009
May your prayers come true
by: Eric

Dear Kat,

I sincerely hope that all your prayers come true. Many of us are going through very difficult times now. We also have to help ourselves as well.

Best wishes to you.

Eric Lim
Bangkok Travelbug

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