Four-faced Buddha - I found my love

by Suwandi De Castillo
(Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Here's Suwandi's experience with the four-faced Buddha.

Hi friends, I'm Suwandi and I live in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. I'm 23 years old. I've never known Phra Phrom (four-faced Buddha) before, till two years ago.

One night while I was with my friends, I saw a statue where many people gathered to pray. That was Thursday. I told my friends that one day I would find out about the statue and why so many people prayed to it.

It was a long time since I saw the statue again. I used to come home late at weekends. On the way home from my girlfriend's house, I passed by the shrine. Suddenly I felt attracted by the golden statue and went closer to see what it really looked like.

As I stood admiring the statue I felt a magic aura around the shrine. I burned incense and prayed for an hour, till I felt I could almost communicate with HIM directly. As I learned the prayer ritual, I started getting closer to HIM. Every time I felt depressed, I visited the shrine.

One day in February (I usually pray to every god before Chinese New Year), I tried requesting for a girlfriend, guess what??? After two months I got my first love. I was surprised my prayer was answered.

Then, I prayed once more, this time for a job and got a job as an IT-Trainer. It just proves that every time I prayed, Phra Phrom answers my prayers. I was so happy.

Note: I also bought a set of Phra Phrom talisman to hang round my neck as protection from bad things and to give me good luck.

Two years passed. When you are happy, you tend to forget to do many important things. One of the most important things is to pray to HIM every Thursday.

I started quarreling with my girlfriend and finally lost her. As I wondered why I was so unlucky, I suddenly remembered I haven't been praying to HIM anymore.

From that day onwards, I started to pray at the four-faced Buddha at least once a week. I never intended to request for a girlfriend anymore. Until this Chinese New Year (2008), I tried once more. Hopefully I can live happily ever after with my new love.

Every time we pray with all our hearts, Phra Phrom will surely listen to us.

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitata...

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Jun 26, 2009
Where is the four-faced Buddha in Medan?
by: RENA S.O.

May I the four-faced Buddha in Medan is located? My husband is located there for 10 years and I frequent Medan but I can't see any.

Would you kind enough to tell me the location so I can visit and maybe will asked my hubby to visit once a week to give offering.

Kindly let me know the location through this page.

Thank you


I don't recommend that you put your e-mail address on the net. It's a sure way of inviting spam.


Jul 10, 2008
About four- faced Buddha
by: Stevlm

I find there are not many articles on the Four Faced Buddha, Phra Phrom, on the net. I was so happy I got this link. Thanks a lot! Hope to read more on this subject in the future. Once again thank you!

PS: I wish to contact the writer of "I found my love", Suwandi De Castillo (Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia).

Kindly get in touch with me through the e-mail us page of this website.


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