My four faced Buddha experience

by Anonymous

I’m just a simple guy out there. In mid 2007, it was the first time it happened to me when I prayed to four faced Buddha. I was almost at the end of my life, on my knees in front of the four faced Buddha to pray for help.

A few hours later, it came true...$. Not much but it really saved my life. I kept my promised and went back to Bangkok to redeem my vow to the four faced Buddha.

Although the sum didn’t really pull me out of what I was facing that time it really saved my life. After that, I was still struggling over some problem. Yet I’ve been praying to the four faced Buddha, hoping he will help me again.

In early 2008, I still remember, it was 20 April, the miracle happened again. And this time, it was really a big sum to me or to most of the others. It was a dream that I had a few days before 20 April. It came true!

It totally solved all my problems and changed my life.

I did come back Bangkok to pray and redeem my vow to the four faced Buddha. But thinking back now, it seems I didn’t do what I promised or I can't really remember what I promised before "the miracle" happened.

After solving all my problems, I overspent and within 6 months I was back to my previous life and even worse. I’m human, I know I really did wrong and never really used the money in a good way.

At 4 am on Dec 2008, I can’t really remember the date, I received a sms from someone. I suddenly felt like my life will end in few more days. I walked to the living room and went on my knees in front of the four faced Buddha.

The next day, it happened again. It really happened again. Compared to the previous sum, this was far different. But it saved my life again for the third time. Even though I didn’t really redeem what I promised as I said earlier.

A very good friend witnessed all this. I did make a promise to the four faced Buddha that if I got chance to start my life anew, I will go back to Bangkok and redeem the vow.

When I looked back on what I went through, I knew it is the four faced Buddha. He has been helping me again and again. Yet I didn’t keep my promise after my "second miracle". I really feel bad and sad deep inside. I’m now still in a very bad situation and I know I’m the one who did wrong and must face all this.

Just happened to see this website and think I should write something to share with you all. You must redeem what you promised to the four faced Buddha.

I’m in Singapore now yet I’m still praying to the four faced Buddha. If I got a chance to walk out of my horrible life now, I will redeem what I promised previously to the four faced Buddha. I really will and really hope "a miracle" will come to me tomorrow.

Thank you four faced Buddha... 29 Dec 2008

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Feb 24, 2021
Meeting Phra Phrom in Las Vegas
by: Lisa

In 1984 I was visiting Las Vegas, Nevada in the US for the first time. It was mid-May but already terribly hot. I decided to visit Caesar’s Palace. It was very grand, and quite easy to get into from the street. But there was no way back out! The casinos are designed like a maze - very easy to enter, very difficult to leave.

I left through the front door of the hotel – it was a long way back to the street on foot, and even further to the next hotel. And it was Extremely hot by then. I had just enough money to visit Las Vegas, I didn’t have anything extra for things like cab rides. So I had no choice but to walk. I decided to cut across a few parking lots to maybe make the trip quicker. What it actually did was make the trip even hotter! The black asphalt of the parking lot was reflecting the sun.

So there I was, trying to work out where I was in this ocean of parking lot, and to figure out how to get out of this mess, when I suddenly felt a tug. Not so much physically, but in my heart. It asked me to "come here". I was confused because no one was crazy enough to be in the parking lots in the middle of the day in the middle of the desert. There weren’t even cars out this far. And the direction of the tug was back toward the building, not toward the street. It got stronger as I stood there, so I decided to follow it.

There were basically just shrubs along a long, blank white wall. There was some shade against the wall, I was happy for that. And then I found a shrine in the bushes. It was all alone, all by itself. And it was MAGNIFICENT. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen to this day. I couldn't believe how such an incredible thing as this could be so far from all the people.

Please understand. As an American teenager I had no idea about Asian religions, or who I was looking at. But what you’ve probably already figured out is that I had stumbled upon the sister of the Erawan shrine. And he was very, very lonely. I learned later that the shrine had been dedicated just three months before I found it. And then it was just left there, against a wall no one would ever see.

At the time all I knew was that this beautiful thing had an intense life force, and I felt sorry for him. So I spent quite a bit of time there, trying to understand the mystery of this beautiful thing and why he was sad. I came away with the idea that he wanted an elephant. The symbols were all over the place, and that seemed reasonable. But I had no idea how to obtain an elephant (carved one, of course) in Las Vegas! So I promised him that the next time I visited the city I would bring him one. His heart seemed glad, and mine was as well. But I was so sad to leave him there that I cried as I walked away.

I returned several years later. True to my word, I brought him a small elephant carved in jade. He seemed delighted to see me, and happy with the gift. I had brought some friends with me, who were also dazzled by such a beautiful thing in such an obscure place. I could tell that someone had been there. The shrine was cared for, incense was burning, there was some fruit in a platter for him. Still, he was all alone and happy for company. This ritual continued for many years. Every time I would visit the city I’d bring him an elephant, and the two of us would catch up.

In 2009 the shrine was FINALLY given the respect it deserves. It was moved to a place of prominence, restored and rededicated. When I went to visit him again I nearly panicked, because he wasn’t in the parking lot anymore!! When I found him he was surrounded by people, all taking photos and being amazed by the beauty of the shrine, just as it should have been from the beginning. As usual I gave him a little elephant, and asked how he was. The energy was so different! I’ll bet it’s similar to the larger temples now. He’s not lonely, and not "all mine" anymore!

I’ve never asked him for anything. His friendship through the years is enough. I feel honored to have had such an adventure with him. I’m sharing this story with you to tell you that his spirit is very strong. If you reach out to him with good intent, he’ll respond to you. Don’t forget, he’s very fond of small carved elephants.

I can't post a link on this page, but if you'd like to see the Las Vegas shrine just search for "Brahma shrine Caesar's Palace". You'll see how well cared for he is these days!

Aug 30, 2018
Big Thank You
by: Anonymous

Lord Brahma,

Thank you to you for answering my prayers. Part of the problem is solved. I hope Lord Brahma can help me in other areas, I hope to have better business in my shop.

With Your guidance and my hard work I hope I can go through this year.

Lord Brahma A big thank you from CCP011820tuta.

Aug 24, 2018
Good Business Tidings
by: Anonymous

Lord Brahma,

I CCP would like to thank you for helping me in my O level studies. You also helped me financially when I had to put my grandma in an old folks home.

Thank you Lord Brahma, forgive me if I have wronged you.

I'd like to ask you again to help me. Help me in reviving my coffee shop business. My family and me had tried hard but to no avail. I really hope you can hear me.

CCP of 11820.

Jan 18, 2017
How to say thank you to the four-faced Buddha
by: Anna

Does any one here know how to say thank you to the four-faced Buddha. Please help.

Jun 03, 2014
Hopeful For A Blessing
by: Anonymous

At one of the lowest points in my life, I accidentally bumped into a website featuring Phra Phrom. That was just two weeks ago since I started praying to Brahma/four-faced Buddha. It's giving me a reason to hope.

I have yet to visit the Erawan Shrine since I am from the Philippines; thus in the meantime, I content myself with Phra Phrom's image in my cellphone with incense offerings.

I promise though that upon the fulfillment of my very important wish, I shall eagerly and gratefully fulfill my vow to visit the shrine soonest possible.

Desperate and Depressed but Hopeful

Feb 20, 2014
Pray for fortune
by: LKS

I had been going to Bangkok to pray at the four-faced Buddha for the past two years, for a good job and fortune.

The four-faced Buddha has granted me a high paying and good job. I try to visit the shrine and give thanks at least twice a year.

Lately, the four-faced Buddha granted me good fortune since my last visit in December 2013. I am planning to go this month and give thanks to the four-faced Buddha again.

Jul 03, 2013
Pray to the four-faced Buddha
by: jsr

I am a business man in my 30s and recently going to restart my life after a spate of wrong and bad decisions. Even though I am strong in my mind to put the bad to the back of my life, I feel really very tired.

Recently, I discovered this site and decided to pray to the four-faced Buddha. I am beginning to have faith out of despair and desperately hope that help will be given by four-faced Buddha.

I've made some promises and I will deliver.

By the way, can someone tell me where to get the outdoor altar for the four-faced Buddha in Singapore?

Appreciate it.

Jun 25, 2013
Four-faced Buddha - help
by: Alyssa

I started to pray and believe in the four-faced Buddha since 2009. I went to the Erawan Shrine to pray for my love to return. Since then the four-faced Buddha has helped me.

He came back and we started again happily . Once in a while, I pray to the four-faced Buddha should things go awry between us. I cared a lot for him and I love him a lot.

Nonetheless , each time when I pray the four-faced Buddha is there for me. I am wrong, sometimes I return the vow and sometimes may not. I blame myself.

This time we had the biggest row . We decided to walk our separate ways or rather he decided. Not due to a third party but due to integrity . I blame no one. Or should I blame the end of our fate.

I pray to the four-faced Buddha again, I pray for a miracle again, I pray for his return again. I promise to the four-faced Buddha to return his kind deeds. I am even willing to shorten my life.

I only want him back and I pray for another miracle again. I fear to face the same pain as in 2009. Please help me four-faced Buddha. Please don't leave me for I have learnt my lesson.

Jan 26, 2013
Lord Brahma
by: Sriram

Interesting, I didn't know there was a Brahma temple in Bangkok. There aren't too many Brahma temples in India solely dedicated to Lord Brahma or even other major angelic beings in Hinduism like Indra, Varuna or Vayu.

Though some Hindu temples in India have shrines for Brahma inside. You would think there would be at least more since Lord Brahma is the creator deity to create this earth, and Indra is the god of storms and king of all devas or angels. I must visit this place next time I am in Bangkok.

Sep 06, 2012
Pray for business
by: Polly

Last year my business had problems, no money to pay to any suppliers. The customers also had no money to pay us. I didn't know what to do. Then I prayed in front of the small four-faced Buddha image that I had purchased from Bangkok two years ago.

I couldn’t believe it. A week after I prayed my customers told me they just transferred money to my account because they had won the lottery. This miracle gave me enough to pay off all the suppliers.

Thank you four-faced Buddha, thank you helping my business. I plan to pray in front of the original Erawan Shrine again next October. I will pray for my health and hope the Erawan Shrine will help me again.


Aug 07, 2012
My good faith in the four-faced Buddha..
by: Mrs S Chua

I would like to share my good faith in my prayers to the four-faced Buddha, at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok.

Before my late dad passed on in 2000, he too was a pious man who made yearly visits to offer his prayers and now I'm following his footsteps to offer mine.

Yes, I do believe in offering my prayers to the four-faced Buddha as miracles did happened to me too.

May the four-faced Buddha fulfil my wishes and bless me & my family with a healthy & joyful life!

Jun 06, 2012
My Experience..
by: Angie Ng

As I was led by my tour guide to the miraculous and famous four-faced Buddha this morning. I felt a spiritual sensation going through my body, a feeling that I cannot explain.

The sensation that I felt lasted throughout the whole time I was praying and it went away only when I left the shrine.

Nevertheless my husband and myself promised a friend that is currently fighting cancer at home, in Malaysia, to pray for his recovery. I truly hope my prayers will be answered soon.

Mar 17, 2012
Buddha saved me
by: Anonymous

Buddha has been a part of my life for a few years now. My love for him is so strong and I can always feel his presence, his words and guidance.

One night He saved my life. I had been out with some friends for a social gathering. The night was going really well. Dancing and laughing, having a good time.

I then began drinking alcohol, casually. Thinking that this was going to boost my fun experience. All was going well. So far so good.

A few hours later I became very unwell. Being sick for 12 hours or more. Shaking like a leaf, and feeling very cold. My loss of balance was uncontrolled, and my speech was very slurred.

Skin was very clammy and I had a bluey complexion. My breath was getting slower and slower. I felt I was going to die. I felt I was going to be rushed to hospital. I feared the worst.

However Buddha had saved my life. I saw a white light. Buddha told me it was going to be OK. Buddha wasn't going to let me go. Buddha let me wake up in the morning and I didn't go into the hospital.

Sure thing, I had the side effects of that night, but that's a mistake I will avoid in future. Buddha saved me and I am thankful.

Feb 05, 2012
My wishes with four-faced Buddha
by: Anonymous

I was in Thailand on New Year's Eve 2011. I just stumbled upon the Erawan Shrine and did not know how sacred it was.

I prayed for my health and my son's future. I am starting to see the difference already and my health is getting better.

I think he answered my prayers. I should write more when things are 200% well. I do believe in miracles and I know it happens everyday.

Thank you four-faced Buddha.

Jan 11, 2012
That's not a Buddha
by: Claudio

The statue is not a Buddha but the Hindù Lord Brahma, I wonder why so many websites and people call it Buddha.

The Erawan Shrine is a Hindu shrine and not Buddhist. The Buddhist iconography establishes rigid forms of representing the Buddha, standing, walking, sitting, lying down. And certainly not with four faces.

The Lord Buddha explicity forbade a personal cult making him a deity, and never denied his human nature.

Oct 19, 2011
Sincere heart
by: Van Zan

I'm a Malay Muslim who went to the four-faced Buddha in Bangkok to pray and seek help. A friend of mine told me to go there and ask for help. As long as your heart is pure and sincere, he will help. Three of my wishes came true. One wish for each trip I made.

A piece of advice though, if your intention is to go there and seek help, just go there pray, do your shopping and that's it! Do not go to the girly shows or other hanky panky business.

Oct 05, 2011
Location of the Erawan Shrine
by: Anonymous

Erawan Shrine is in the centre of Bangkok, next to the Chitlom skytrain station and within a few minutes walk from Siam Paragon and Central World shopping malls.

Aug 31, 2011
Address of four-faced Buddha
by: Semper Fi

Hey Jason,

You can google Erawan Shrine, the address can be easily found as this Four Faced Buddha is famous.
May you be one of the many who got his/her prayer answered as I'm proud to be one of them. =)

By the way, I wanna know too if you came across any in Singapore.

God bless!

Aug 27, 2011
Thank you Lord Brahma
by: Francesca

I prayed to the four-faced Buddha at the Erawan Shrine for the first time when I visited Bangkok in 2010. I prayed to heal my current disappoinment during that time and also I wished that I could own an asset that I always dreamed of having.

A few months later my two wishes were GRANTED. It is a miracle. I returned to the Erawan Shrine in 2011 to offer many thanks to the four-faced Buddha for granting my two wishes.

At the same time I also prayed for a better job. Within a few wish for a better job was again GRANTED beyond what I'd expect. Praying to the four-faced Buddha can really bring you miracles as long as your wishes are SINCERE and HUMBLE.

I am not keen in asking the four-faced Buddha to grant my wish to become a millionaire because if I look around, there are so many people in this world who are suffering in poverty, with no shelter and insufficient food.

My concerns are for them. Compared to them, I have sufficient to meet my needs in life. I made my promise to return to the Erawan Shrine to express my thanks and make an offering to the four-faced Buddha sometime in early 2012.

I will fly to Bangkok just for 1one reason, to thank the four-faced Buddha.

Jul 12, 2011
A little help here
by: jason Lee

Hi there, is it possible if you could give me the address of the four-faced Buddha temple which you've visited?

Any special methods to pray? Like what to say? And 'memorized scripts' to say to the Buddha? Meanwhile, in Singapore, is there a four-faced Buddha temple where your wishes are really granted?


Mar 13, 2011
Correct way to pray
by: Semper Fi

Hi Everyone,

I always wonder what is the correct way to pray to the four-faced Buddha. What is the proper offering to pray? Any idea?

I have seen all sorts of offerings being made the to four-faced Buddha and I'm confused by these items.

The last time I prayed, I actually bought the miniature elephant. Any meaning to the miniature elephant? And also, I saw those miniature sculptures? Coconuts?

I believe each of the items offered has a different meaning. Can anyone enlighten me?


Mar 11, 2011
Appreciation to four-faced Buddha
by: Roy

Hi All,

I started visiting this Thai temple two years ago. At that time, I just prayed for the sake of praying when my luck was down. I didn't really put my heart into it.

Last Feb, I felt my life was at its lowest point in my work and relationship. I thought I should go to the temple to ask for luck. But this time, I went with sincerity and prayed from the bottom of my heart.

I did not wish for fortune. What I did was just pray sincerely and hope things will be better sooner or later.

By the way, I did not go to Thailand to pray. I went to the local Thai temple at Bukit Merah. Buddha is the same everywhere, doesn't really matter where you pray. As long you are sincere and devoted, Buddha will bless you.

For those who are unsure where to start to pray to the four-faced Buddha, start with the side where the leg is down and go clockwise.

I often visit and buy flowers. Don't really need to buy for every visit. Just buy when you feel like buying or perhaps, when your wish comes true in any way.

I made a wish last week and apparently it came true, so today after work, I will head down with a coconut drink and buy flowers as a way to show my appreciation.

My advice to everyone is, pray sincerely. Our wish will be heard by the Buddha.


Nov 26, 2010
Thanks to the four- faced Buddha
by: SincereMe

To some people I may seem crazy. I always talk to the four-faced Buddha when I'm alone in the car especially in a jam at night after work cos no one will see me from the outside.

I went to Bangkok and made wishes to the four-faced Buddha. Within a month, my wish came true. I am very thankful to the four-faced Buddha. The minute when it happened straight away I thought yes, it's Him!

Now I've booked ticket to visit the four-faced Buddha again on 3 December. I wish to show my appreciation here to thank the four-faced Buddha.

I didn't forget about you four-face Buddha, I am coming. But anyone have any idea how to repay the four-faced Buddha? Please share here.

Sep 12, 2010
Four-faced Buddha - Daughter's prayer was answered
by: Kristyn

My daughter has a skin problem since she was a child, and all this while we've been trying all ways to help her through specialists.

Last December, me & my family went all the way to pray to the four-faced Buddha at the Erawan Shrine. My daughter made a wish for her skin problem to be cured. Her prayer has been answered.

So, this year we are going back to Bangkok to pray and redeem her vow to the four-faced Buddha.

I would like to thank the four-faced Buddha from the bottom of my heart.

Mar 26, 2010
Four-faced Buddha
by: Guest 123

Did you pray for your ex to come back ?

Mar 21, 2010
Thank you four-faced Buddha
by: Anonymous

The first time I went to the Erawan Shrine was in early 2009 together with my sister-in-law. She told me that she wanted to thank the four-faced Buddha for answering her prayers. During that time, I also prayed for something and it came true a few months later.

Still remember I was yelling in my heart "Why and When?". Within five minutes, my phone rang and to my surprise, the thing that I have been waiting for had finally come. So I decided to go back to four-faced Buddha sometime next week.

Thank you very much (Khob Pra Khun Krab), four-faced Buddha.

Mar 09, 2010
Miracle at the Erawan Shrine
by: Anonymous

My friends of Erawan Buddha!

I cannot in the world ever imagine that I will ever be able to write this message! I had a wonderful life before I witnessed my husband naked in bed! My child was so young, barely 4 years of age when all this happened!

I slowly but surely went downhill into depression and alcohol for the last 5 years! I was a well educated lady who spent my early days of my life being educated in the UK.

For the past 18 years I worked but isolated myself from people and this alienation led me to severe depression and anger.

One day when I was in Bangkok I was supposed to go to visit the Grand Palace but because it was closed I was directed to visit the four-faced Buddha at the Erawan Shrine. When I saw him I started to trust him and poured my feelings to him.

You know I met a man the next day just a friend and I started to heal and came out of my depression, stopped my alcohol and this moment I know only Erawan can heal my betrayal and moved on
in my life!

Today I have a wonderful relationship with my only son, take care of myself and feel happier. No one could have just pluck me out of my hopeless depression and drinking just overnight but our dear Erawan Buddha.

I told myself I will repay him by writing and yes I just happen to stumble on this site!

Dear Erawan Buddha! You, through your miracle cured me of my woes and I became a human with a heart that can feel and things touch me now!!

Thank you Erawan!!

Jul 21, 2009
Sutra for the four faced Buddha
by: karen

Is Mangala Sutta, a Sutra for the four faced Buddha? I had a Sutra tape of Mangala Sutta with the four faced Buddha picture in front.

The lady in the shop told me it is a Sutra for the four faced Buddha. Is this true? Please can anybody tell me?

Thank you

Jun 19, 2009
Looking for a better luck and life
by: Rena S.O.

I hope my luck will be like you too and for sure I will fulfill my vow. Looking forward to visit the four-faced Buddha soon!

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