My prayer for a girlfriend

by Siaw Fook Onn
(Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

This is really happened to me many years ago during a tour at Bangkok, Thailand. I was told that the four faced Buddha is very famous for answering your prayers. If you pray then you will get what you ask for.

Though I did not really believe what people said, I still prayed for a girl friend. I asked the Mighty Buddha to give me a girl friend as I really need someone with me.

After some time I really got a companion. Now she is my wife and we have two kids.

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Jan 12, 2010
Four-faced Buddha experience
by: AD

Hi Joseph,

Did you manage to get back with your ex girl?


Mar 29, 2009
Four faced Buddha - my experience
by: Anonymous

I am in Los Angeles, California, and my last trip to Vegas was in Dec 2008. There is a four faced Buddha shrine in front of Caesars Palace. I prayed in front of the Buddha that I would like to meet my ex again since I loved my ex so much. We actually split and did not talk to each other for almost four months.

After the prayer and less than a month later, we met again and back to where we were. And now, we still keep in touch and keep text messaging each other often via cell phone even though we both are busy and have separate lives.

Yesterday , I went back to pay tribute to the four faced Buddha and asked if I could continue seeing my lover and perhaps move in and stay together. I don't know if this is too much to ask but I hope this will make my dream come true.

Initially I did not quite believe the miracle of four faced Buddha since I am a Catholic. But my friend encouraged me to try. Now I am 100% faithful and drove all the way yesterday just to thank the four faced Buddha.

Thank you Buddha.

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