Prayer answered at Erawan Shrine

by Anonymous

Thanks a lot four-faced Buddha for prayer answered. From the depths of my heart, my gratitude, words just can't explain the immaculate power and kindness in helping me.

The four-faced Buddha at Erawan Shrine indeed helps and answers prayers.

Please spread devotion to those in need to ask the four-faced Buddha for help.

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Oct 09, 2023
by: Vijayasri

I was at Bangkok just for few days and I was there for a jib. In the evening I was too lazy but still went for a walk. I hated that time, way too many constructions happening but this shrine got my attention. I just went and said my prayers.

I know that i have a medical condition that I can never get pregnant yet I said my prayers and after a month I got pregnant. Now my boy is 4 years old. I will bring him this year with me to visit the temple.

Such a miracle.

Dec 29, 2015
Prayers answered
by: Tom

I was in Bangkok on July, 2014. Having passed by the Erawan shrine daily as my hotel was nearby, I could not help but amazed by the crowd and sense of devotion to it.

Then, I was out of job and was on a freelancing basis earning little. I have never been lucky in almost all my previous jobs. Since graduation in 1997, I have never worked in a company more than 3 years. I was job hopping too much that it affected my job credentials badly.

Since 2012, I knew my days in my previous company was numbered and was actively seeking for a job before I would be made redundant.

From 2012-2014, I have attended no less than 10 interviews and all were unsuccessful. To many interviewers, it appears that I am someone who has problems in holding on to a job and a non-performer.

Before visiting the Erawan Shrine, I just had a phone interview the week before and i was really hoping that I would be selected. Thus, for the first time, I prayed hoping that I would succeed in the interview.

When I got back home, I was informed that I did not succeed in the selection as my asking salary was too high for their consideration. As such, I felt dismayed and disappointed nonetheless.

However, in September, the recruiter asked me again whether I am still open to the position. I immediately said yes and it was followed by two more interviews before being selected.

I am indeed glad that my prayers were actually answered. I have never been superstitious or believe in any of this before, but I am of the opinion that the Lord Buddha has been kind to me and I would like to repay him.

I was back to Bangkok last Christmas, 25 - 28 December 2015 and I made it a point to go back to Erawan Shrine to say thank you.

According to the Chinese beliefs, it is crucial that one has to "repay" if one's wish was granted. I guess I will make it a point once a year to go back to Erawan Shrine to pay my respect.


Mar 20, 2015
Prayers for a miracle answered
by: Anonymous

Some eight years back I had some really deep problems and I happened to be in Bangkok and passed by the Erawan Shrine with many devotees.

I went to the Shrine and started to talk to Phra Phrom about my problems and asked him to please help me.

And indeed he did help me to straighten my problem which is a very severe matter.

Today I again went to the Shrine and kneeled down to pray for help financially and guess what??

The very next day I struck the lottery!!

Jul 20, 2010
Prayer answered at Erawan Shrine
by: JJ

Hi Sunset

It is not I who wants to give up. I knew he is with someone. He has long forgotten about me. Why is it guys can overcome the pain and hurt easily? They can simply forget you easily.

You mentioned that you broke up 1 and a half years ago and never contacted each other for more than a year. As for me, he did not want to contact me after he dumped me.

I am the one who thought it was my fault for causing the break. I even tried to end my life but failed. I also did wrong to ask his friend for help. Making him lose face. So he refused to call or see me.

So no matter how hard I wish for a miracle or hope, I don't think the our-faced Buddha will help me. Since he also said it's impossible for him to return.

I don't know how true it is, my friend told me nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. As the world is round and who knows he will be the one to return to my side.

My heart brightened when my friend said that. But I still have to face the reality that to-date, he hasn't returned.

But I will still encourage people to pray to the four-faced Buddha and talk to him about their problems.

Webmaster's note

Hi Sunset,

JJ has left her e-mail address with me. If you can contact me, I'll pass it to you.

May 04, 2010
by: Sunset

Hi JJ,

Thanks for the encouragement, but things aree not what it seems to be and I'm not very optimistic about this at the moment.

Just for your information, we have actually broken up for nearly one and a half years and we never contacted each other for more than a year too.

And I thought I will never see him again. But come late Jan, he texted me. So we saw each other for about two months? But not officially as a couple, as I don't feel appropriate claiming that we are, because obviously we are not!

Our relationship during those two months was kind of like on and off which drove me crazy. By the way, why are you giving up at this point?

Hey JJ, this is the third time I'm asking, not sure if you mind exchanging email addresses with me?

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Webmaster's note.

Hi JJ & Sunset,

If you wish to exchange e-mail addresses, I can facilitate the exchange so that you can contact each other directly.

However I won't publish the addresses on this web page as this would attract spam.

So if you wish, please send your e-mail addresses to this section and I will forward the addresses to you. The addresses will be deleted after that.


May 03, 2010
Prayer answered at Erawan Shrine
by: JJ

Hi Sunset

I write in English as I don't think they read Chinese.

Sit down and have a chat with him. If he is the one to patch up with you, that is good. Don't do it first.

Don't be like me. When he dumped me, I thought it was due to my family issues and his own problem. So I tried to patch up with him. He didn't appreciate it and told me impossible. This hurt me a lot and I kept reflecting on it. I did try all ways to die but failed.

Now although I still care and love him, I think I have to let him go.

For your case, just arrange a time and talk. Don't keep guessing what he thinks as you will never think the same way as he does.

May 03, 2010
by: Sunset

Hi JJ,

Thanks for your feedback!

When you said register your name, do you mean the English name or Chinese name? As of now, I haven't had a chance to return the vow yet as it's not safe to go.

What kind of agreement do you mean? It's been two weeks and we haven't contacted each other. He didn't called or text me, neither did I. Not that I don't want to contact him. It's just that I don't feel right to do that. Things between us are complicated.

By the way, do you mind exchanging email addresses? Thanks!

May 03, 2010
Prayer answered at Erawan Shrine
by: JJ

Hi Sunset

Go back to Bangkok, register your name at the counter beside the joss stick counter. Normally, I pay for four dancers at Baht 360. The dancers will dance and mention your name to the four-faced Buddha (that you are returning the vows that you made).

I will kneel down in front of the dancers and pray and tell the four-faced Buddha that I am returning the vow.

Take care. Do you have a talk with your ex. There must an agreement before you both rebound on this relationship.

Apr 23, 2010
Hi there
by: Sunset_Limited

Hi JJ,

When was your last prayer? And what was the correct way to return the vow? Mind sharing?

Anyway, mine was somewhat answered, but things weren't going so well between me & him now though. I'm kinda going through the depression all over again!

Anyway,mind exchanging email? Would like to chat more. Hear from you soon!

Thank you very much!

Apr 22, 2010
Prayer answered at Erawan Shrine
by: JJ

Hi All

Mine were not answered (praying for my relationship). I went three times yet my prayer was not answered. I prayed and spoke to the four-faced Buddha slowly and sincerely. I don't think he felt it as I did not see any response from my ex.

I really don't know what to do. I keep myself busy to forget about the vows that I made to the four-face Buddha. But I did return the vow that I made every year even though my prayer did not come true.

Apr 18, 2010
Hi there
by: Sunset_Limited

Hi there,

May I know how long did it take for your prayer to be answered? Cos I went last year in Oct, mine somehow came true, but I'm not sure though.

Have you returned your vow? May I know is there any grace period given for returning your vow after your prayer has answered?

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

Mar 17, 2010
Re: prayer answered at Erawan Shrine
by: Jane


May I know what is the correct way to pray at the four-faced Buddha and ask for help?

What kind of prayers has been answered? Is it financial, career, relationship, health, personal crisis etc?


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