Still waiting...for the four faced Buddha

by Annonymous

Like many people, I have heard of the four faced Buddha when I was very young. I dare not pray to Him as I heard from people that He is very powerful and answers all wishes, but if you dont repay His kindness, you will face calamities.

As years passed, I encountered relationship problems. Until mid 2009, suddenly I made up my mind to pray to the four faced Buddha (as if He is inviting me to do so). Hence, I went to pray to Him asking for a miracle, hoping my ex will come back to me.

I made a vow like many others. I read that some people are lucky to receive the response from the four faced Buddha quickly but some prayers are still unanswered.

As for me, it has been almost 3 weeks praying to four faced Buddha but I have yet to feel the response. I don't how long it will take my prayers to be answered but I know waiting is definitely killing.

All I can do now is only to pray with faith and wait with hope and hopefully one day, soon, I can write in this web that the four faced Buddha has fulfilled and granted my only wish.

Thanks Buddha...

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Oct 16, 2022
Not able to go back to repay To Buddha
by: Anonymous


Can you advise me? I think I may have my wish granted but I don’t have money to go back to Bangkok. I wished to marry the man I loved but within 3 years we divorced. Maybe I didn’t repay the four-faced Buddha. I still can not go back to Bangkok now.

What can I do now?

Mar 18, 2017
Hoping my prayer will come true
by: Anonymous

Hi I read the comments posted by you all. I am also going through a love problem. We have been together for four years, however I got a feeling he has found a new love as he no longer sends daily texts. Keep thinking our four years really can't compare to a few months with a new found love he has.

I went to the four-faced Buddha in Singapore to prayer, hope things will turn out good for us.

After making a prayer, my mind is really calm and in a steady state.

I did receive a normal SMS from him that day after I prayed, but it is a text saying he will be going overseas next week and nothing else.

Really not sure if my prayer will be answered. Maybe it will be good if things happen and I can know we are not meant to be together and I will move on with life.

Dec 29, 2010
E-mail address
by: Eric

Hi Sentimental,

If you wish to contact Wingless, I've got her e-mail address. Just e-mail me your address through our e-mail page and I'll make the exchange.

I don't recommend leaving your e-mail address on a web page. It invites spam and compromises your privacy.

Eric Lim
Tour Bangkok Legacies

Dec 28, 2010
Wingless & Lingling
by: Sentimental Fool

Hi there,

I have been reading comments by both of you and I am having the same experience. If you all don't mind I would to share some of my thoughts through email.


Jul 25, 2010
Hi New Kid
by: WingLess

Hi New Kid,

Nice to meet you!

I didn't know there's a four-faced Buddha in Bentong, never heard of it. Have you been there? How was it?

Well, I just came back from Bangkok, my 3rd visit to the Erawan Shrine. Allow me to share how I made a wish and also how I returned the vow. But I might be wrong. Anyone else here know a proper way of doing it, please do share.

It is my understanding that if you would want to make a wish, you have to pray with the flower garlands, mini statue or the elephant statue. All these can be bought from the stalls outside or there's a stall inside too.

If anyone else has a more effective way, please share. Once your wish is granted, you will have to return what you have promised or you can do it by paying the dancers.

That's what I did, maybe there are other ways too? If anyone else knows, please share.

By the way, have you been to the Erawan Shrine? Hope all this helps.

Jul 23, 2010
Four Faced Buddha
by: New Kid

Hi guys/gals

Just call me new kid on the block. Just surfing to find out more about the four-faced Buddha. Do you know there is a four-faced Buddha at Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia? It is located at Berjaya Hills, a scenic resort, an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur city only.

As you enter the resort and drive pass the BHGCC club house (on your right) you can see the four-faced Buddha signage. The road leading to the four-faced Buddha is on the left, immediately after the signage.

Let me know if you have been there. It is still in the progress of touching up. It is very much bigger than the Erawan Shrine. Very impressive.

I would like to have some advice on how to make a wish (how to pray) and how to thank the four-faced Buddha is one's wish is fulfilled. Do we make a vow or do we just go back to thank the Buddha.


Jul 10, 2010
Don't be upset..
by: Lingling

Hi Wingless,

I had a second similar experience in another relationship after I broke up with the first one. I truly understand how you feel about the uncertainty and also the insecurity that your ex gave you. But deep down you still love him very much I suppose.

We can contact each other through e-mails so that we can share more our experience.

Jul 09, 2010
My four-faced Buddha experience
by: Wingless

Hi Lingling,

Thanks for your response!

Allow me to share my experience. In 2009, I was in Bangkok for a short trip with friends,knowing very little about the four-faced Buddha. We were told by the locals that the four-faced Buddha is famous for granting wishes.

So I just bought a flower garland and prayed casually. The next day when I returned home, I received a text message from my ex. I was shocked of course. At that time we were going out as friends for a short period and then nothing happened after that.

We did not get back as a couple though. Then last October, I came across an article somewhere about a Taiwanese celebrity praying at the four-faced Buddha. I got a little desperate and even googled the four-faced Buddha.

That's when I found this forum and decided to go back to Bangkok with a friend. This time, I actually bought the offering and make a proper prayer. Nothing happened after I returned home. I got a little disappointed and was in the midst of giving up. I have almost excluded him from my life.

But in January, I received his text message all of a sudden. My heart was pumping! We actually went out together for about two months. He said that we should give it another try.

We were like on and off, I wasn't comfortable with it. I can't deny that both of us have somehow changed in a way. We were not like before. Still, I can feel that he somehow still misses me and there's still a little love.

But at the end of April, he stopped contacting me. I did not contact him either. So we just stopped right there. We have not contacted each other since then. I have not gone back to Bangkok to return my vow yet. I might be heading back this month.

That is why I said my wish was somehow granted but things did not seem to be going anywhere. So I'm actually confused. I know that the four-faced Buddha would not simply grant any wish.

But why would He make him return, but now take him back? I don't understand. I just wish that if he is not meant to be, please don't make him return at all.

I'm disappointed once again. Although I know I still love him, but I'm not sure if I'm able to handle the pressure if he ever returns again.

I feel insecure and worried even though he returned that time. It's like one moment I feel blessed and happy, but the next moment, I feel insecure and scared.

I have mixed feelings. I"m so scared to lose again. :-(

Jul 09, 2010
My experience with the four-faced Buddha.
by: Lingling

Hi there,

I once loved a man who cheated on me. I did not realise this until one day we went to Bangkok together and we prayed to the four-faced Buddha.

After praying that night we went back to the hotel and had a quarrel. He suddenly told me he was already married but wanted me to be his so called mistress.

Can you imagine from real girl friend to mistress? That was really sad because we had a four year relationship together and with so little trace of suspicion that he was his married.

The next day we went back to our homeland airport, he received a urgent call from his company and there within 2 hrs he got a immediate termination from his company and was jobless for a year.

We finally split.

And now I am happy with my life and thanks to the four-faced Buddha that he helped me see the true face of a guy who cheated on me.

Sometimes, your ex is not suitable for you or he is having another agenda. That's why your prayer is not answered.

Don't be unhappy. There must be a reason that you guys are not able to be together. You should be grateful and this might be a blessing in disguise.

Move forward and you'll see there is someone better for you.

Jul 08, 2010
Hi Drolkar
by: Wingless

Hi Drolkar,

Thank you for your response!

I do belive the four-faced Buddha has better foresight than us. I also belive that He will not simply grant any wish. What I heard is that, He will only grant you the wishes if he thinks you are worth it or He thinks it's good for you.

Sometimes I was wondering, would the four-faced Buddha grant me what I wished for if He knew it's not gonna work out or He knew it could very likely bring me damage.

I'm very curious and hoping He could shed some light on this. Although I'm not as hurt as before, but it doesn't mean I'm OK or it doesn't mean the wound is fully recovered.

I still do hope that He could help me in this. I wish He could get me out of this so that I can go on with my life without having to grieve over this.

I'm still stuck in the state of grieve. I wish He could grant me the strength. :-(

By the way, have you gone to Bangkkok to visit the four-faced Buddha.

Anything you want to share? Hope to hear from you soon.

Jul 08, 2010
Waiting for the best
by: Anonymous


Read your posting on the four-faced Buddha. If your prayers are not realised the way you expected, maybe because what you are hoping for might not be the best for you.

If you trust the four-faced Buddha enough to pray to it, chances are, He could really have better 'foresight' than us. We may be able to see this far, but they could be able to see further and much more.

Hope everything falls in place for you very soon.

With prayers

Jun 28, 2010
Wingless at the four-faced Buddha
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

Thank you for your kind words.

Mine prayers to the four-faced Buddha were somewhat answered. He returned but our relationship wasn't going any further as of now. Not sure if it is because I haven't returned the vow or any other reasons.

I have to return the vow to see what happens next, might be going back in July.

By the way, have you wished for anything before?

Jun 27, 2010
It is God's duty
by: Susan

If your prayers for your ex to return to you were not answered, I believe he or she is not meant for you. Instead the Almighty have already chosen the right marriage candidate for you.

It is up to you to explore your love life further. Do not say your prayers weren't answered.

It is the Lord's duty to pick a right partner for his child. I wish you all the best of luck.

May 26, 2010
by: Wingless

Hi there,

You were saying that you recently started praying to the four-faced Buddha. Do you mean you went to Bangkok and pray or did you practice this on your own without flying to Bangkok?

Yes, my prayer has somewhat answered, and I have not returned the vow yet due to the protests earlier on. However, will be returning to Bangkok soon.

So were yours answered? Mind sharing the strength developed from devotion to the four-faced Buddha?

Not sure about the leaf thing though, perhaps googling some related sites on the four-faced Buddha may help.


May 25, 2010
When I read this, it has been a year
by: pk

I recently started my prayer to the four-faced Buddha. I feel there is energy for me to talk to him. I wonder how is the prayer? Has your prayer been answered?

God bless.

Also, anyone know what is the purpose of offering the gold leaf on the four-faced Buddha? I am new to this topic.


Feb 21, 2010
Move on with life
by: NT


I'm new here. I was actually looking for the proper way to pray to the four-faced Buddha and I stumbled upon this site. Seems like everyone here is waiting for someone to return.

Note: e-mail address forwarded to Wingless.

Feb 21, 2010
Updates on the four-faced Buddha
by: Wingless

Dear All,

Nice to meet you AD! Are you new here? Where are you from? Did you go to the four-faced Buddha to pray before? How was it?

NT, you are new as well? Well, NT, I would rather give it a try than lose it all. Cos you wouldn't know how much I love him. I have been through a stage when I was beyond devastation. I really hope that he would come back to me and start anew.

Well, bear in mind that his return is the first thing, starting anew and being together again is another thing. I dare say that I've put in alot of effort, I've tried very very hard, I've gone to the extreme to make this happen.

Well, I prayed with all my heart that it will happen someday. Yeah, these are the updates, more than happy to share them.

Mind giving me your email address? So that we could talk more there? Awaiting your reply. Thank you very much!


Feb 19, 2010
Move on with life
by: NT


Things happen for a reason. Sometimes you might not know the real reason and if after knowing, it might hurt you even more.

Why don't you both pray for something like asking Brahma to make it easier for you to move on to the next stage of your life and to feel better even when your lost love does not return?

Isn't that a better prayer?

Jan 12, 2010
Any updates?
by: AD

Hi All,

I have been following the replies from you all. Any updates?

I was hoping my ex will come back to me as well.


Oct 19, 2009
Still waiting for the four-faced Buddha
by: CK

Hi All

How are you all coping with life now? Were any of your prayers answered? I'm coping hard with my life without him. Each day passes very slowly with nothing to look forward to. I miss him a lot and practically cry everyday.

I still pray to four-faced Buddha but it seems that I'm not the lucky one being picked for my prayers to be answered.

Hope you both have your prayers answered

Jia You

Oct 04, 2009
Hey guys
by: Wingless

Dear All,

Any news from you all? Maybe we could exchange email addresses to chat further?


Sep 25, 2009
Visit to the four-faced Buddha
by: Wingless

Dear all,

What a good idea!

I have actually been to the four-faced Buddha once. I didn't ask for any specific thing, cos my topics are too wide. I just prayed casually with flowers and joss sticks that I bought from the stalls outside.

I actually plan to go someday. Let's plan a trip!

Can we exchange e-mail addresses?

Sep 24, 2009
Still waiting..for the four-faced Buddha
by: CK

Hi J & Wingless,

I read a lot of miracles happen and prayers answered when people go to the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok to pray. I want to go there so badly. Though I may not know you all but we are facing the same problems. Would you think of going there to pray personally?

Sep 23, 2009
Hi guys
by: Wingless

CK, may I know how long have you been separated?

J, I actually admire your patience. Have to give credit to you for that.

Anyway CK, I think you are lucky enough as he still bothered to ask you out for a cup of coffee or something. I have experienced the same situation as you. There was once,he was actually asked me on MSN if I'm free to meet up someday. After that, no news from him.

When I recall, I guess he was just asking casually, perhaps he did not really mean it. But I kept thinking why did he do that for?

I always believe that guys move on faster than gals! I'm afraid as time passes, nobody will remember me, let alone him! I'm sorry, I'm a bit pessimistic. But that's how it works, that's life.

Lastly, may I know are both of your ex still single or attached?

By the way, have u guys tried Tarot before? Do you believe in that?

Sep 23, 2009
CK & Wingless
by: J

First of all, CK don't feel disappointed at least he bothered to sms you to say that he is not coming. You may think it is an excuse but to me, at least he made the effort to inform you.

Wingless, yes I rather sms him than call him although most of my friends told me to ask him directly. I am afraid of the rejection from him.

That's why I don't think now is the best thing to call him as he hasn't settle his things. If I call him now, he may feel irritated. Worse I will make him avoid me.

No I must wait. I can wait for him for a year of non contact why can't I wait for him another 3 more months.

I just pray for his call or sms. I will be happy.

Sep 23, 2009
Hi guys
by: Wingless

Hi there,

Are you J or CK? It's not that I don't want to text/call him, but I'm pretty sure that he will be reluctant to reply to me or even just ignore me! I don't want to get hurt again.

But I must admit that I may have some ego in me that's stopping me from making the move. Furthermore, he might have found himself a girlfriend, nobody knows. If he really has a girlfriend, then it's pointless for me to do anything.

By the way, have you guys tried Tarot before? Do you believe in it? Hear from you soon. Thanks!

Sep 23, 2009
Still waiting...
by: CK

Hi Wingless and J,

I thought I can see him today, but he called to say that he is not feeling well. So we ended up not seeing each other. I felt very sore, my heart felt doomed straight away.

Thinking a lot over why doesn't he want to see me or is he really sick? Then why does he want to initiate the date then? I'm like you Wingless, a coward and just can't face the fact that he has change a lot, from a person that I truly know to a stranger.

I felt so hurt when he rejected me again. One day he gave me hope, the next day my life was doomed. Now I have to pick up the pieces again. I tried my best to let him go, but I don't why I love him so much. Like you Wingless, I honestly ask and only want a 2nd chance, that's all. I ask nothing more.

I'm from KL by the way.

Sep 22, 2009
Still waiting
by: Anonymous


You can call me CK. Well, I don't know too. Why don't you give him a call/sms. I know waiting is really killing. Instead of waiting, at least take the initiative. As they say God helps those who help themselves.

You never know what he is thinking at his end. He maybe also be just waiting. I dare not harbour any hope on him too. He may show caring feeling but deep inside I don't know what he might be thinking.

Of course I hope both of us can make it up this time. I'm afraid of disappointment and rejection also. Let God help us as we also help ourselves

Jia You

Sep 22, 2009
Hi guys
by: Wingless

Wow! Such a good news! I wish to have that chance also. :-( I don't really have the urge to text him or give him a call, as I know all I get in return will be disappointment.

Yeah, that's what I have been trying to do. Get myself busy and try not to think of him as often as I can. But still,there are times when you ware all alone, memories flash back! Been asking God, why this happened on me? Why me?

A nearly 4 year old relationship can be that easy and frail! I seriously can't believe it. It was like a nightmare to me. My world crumbled down the day he left me. I was so damn devastated!

I have even said to God that if he ever comes back to me and became my hubby-in-the-future, I don't even mind if they shorten 1 year of my life. I always thought that I could have done so much better, I could have done so so much more!

Everyone deserves a 2nd chance if they are sincere enough. But I haven't got mine. Perhaps I already had it, but I lost it? I seriously don't know. One year has passed, but still,I miss him from time to time.

I despise myself. I really feel like an idiot! A sore loser! Cos people have seemed to move on, but I'm still standing at where I was! I
really can't help it!

You know what, early this year, I even added him into my MSN. We did chatted for a while that time, but nothing happened. Until now, I have to force myself not to log on to MSN, cos I can't bear seeing him online. I have even blocked him
in my list.

As you can see, I'm actually escaping from the truth instead of confronting it. How cowardly!

Anyway, hi to you J. I'm from KL, Malaysia. What about the other lady?

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Sep 22, 2009
by: Anonymous


Thank you. I am from Singapore. You can call me J.

You have separated from him for a year and a month. For me it's almost a year. A lot of my friends even my friends from the temple told me to give him a call. But I didn't do it as I'm afraid of rejection from him or the same tone from him.

I do hope for his return. I help him financially secretly but I know he somehow knows about it.

I just list down what I have gone through to the other lady who also faced the same problem as us. I want to encourage her as the first few months are really tough to move on. Even in a year's time, I still miss him. But thanks to my friends and colleagues for helping me.

Yes, it might be true that we are the ones who should know the answer whether they still have the feeling for us as we have gone through the relationship together. Others can't guide much or give much advice.

How do I address you? Thank you for telling us that after your prayers, somehow you got your reply. Maybe we need time to get the reply.

Sep 22, 2009
Still waiting...
by: Anonymous

Hi to both,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences together. On last Friday, I would assume a "miracle" happened. I just don't understand the logic of this incident.

God really works in miraculously ways, I would say. As I said, I prayed a lot, and have faith in the four-faced Buddha, Kuan Yin Pusa and Jesus though I'm not a Christian. I'm sitting on the fence but told heavenly God whoever helps me I will be their child.

Well, my first priority is still Kuan Yin Pusa. And it so happened, I can't tell how, but I know it is divine help.

Somehow, something made me sms him and he called back. We chatted for an hour and he asked me out for lunch tomorrow. Though on the phone we didn't say to make up again. I don't know if there will be a follow up to our meeting or is he just treating me as a friend. He seems to be very caring and still feels jealous when I talk to another guy.

Just to share with you all. I surf a lot on the internet and the most important is to have strong faith in the divine that you are asking for help. I pray that tomorrow's meeting will be a good one and we can make up.

Pray with faith and pray for everyone too.

Jia You

Sep 21, 2009
by: Anonymous


Even though we have been separated for a year of non-contact, yes I do miss him. But the more I think and miss him, the more I feel painful and miserable.

No I can't feel miserable. I must feel happy and confident. I can't spoil my waiting. When I am alone, I will start thinking of him hoping for his return. But can't voice out my feeling. The only way is to write down my feelings towards him in my diary.

Try to concentrate on something that you like so that it will take away your attention on him for a while. Go for a short break by yourself or go for studies?

Try to read more books to gain more knowledge. Go out with a friend for a chat or drink. Try to move out of the house. Tell you one thing, there are a lot of people facing this problem also. But they voice out to feel relief.

I do pray to God everyday, asking the same old questions. However, one thing is that the final decision is in His hands.

Jia you and keep in touch.

Sep 21, 2009
Hi guys
by: Anonymous

Hi to both of you,

I came across your comments when I was searching for info on the four-faced Buddha in Bangkok. I'm having the same problem you guys are facing. I actually went to Bangkok few months back and also dropped by to pray at the four-faced Buddha.

I knew very little about this four-faced Buddha, but I was told that this four-faced Buddha will grant your wishes if you pray with a sincere heart.

When I recalled the time I did my praying, and I realized that this four-faced Buddha has actually answered my prayer, but I'm not too sure. Cos the next day when I came back from Bangkok, I received a text msg from my ex asking me how's life etc.

I was so shocked cos I thought he would never ever contact me again. But problems are still there and we never got back together or shall I say he has no intention of coming back to me as far as I know.

We have separated for about 1 year and 1 month now. Here I am, still sort of like waiting and hoping. How silly of me. The moments of recalling the past are really killing me! I still treat him as someone I loved the most, but perhaps,I'm nobody but a piece of trash to him now, who knows?

Hope to hear from you guys soon! And by the way, where are you guys from?

Take care & stay strong. Cheers!

Sep 17, 2009
Still waiting...
by: Anonymous


Thought I'll drop you some lines. I miss him a lot. Do you still? I can't seem to concentrate on what I'm doing but just keep thinking on both of us. How I wish the same goes at his end.

Currently,I'm trying my faith on Lord Jesus, hoping he will answer my prayers. But till now I'm still waiting. I pray for you also. I don't know how long I have to wait.

Jia You

Sep 15, 2009
Still waiting...
by: Anonymous


Even though I pray but I guess I'm prepared to lose him (like now). I don't want to feel disappointed. I'm still waiting and hoping my prayers will be answered.

My greatest regret is that I never treasured him when we were together and now I only need one more chance to compensate for my fault.

Everyday, I look at my phone hoping he will call/sms me, but each day is a disappointment. Be patient and have faith I guess. You must be a Singaporean?

Jia You

Sep 15, 2009
Still waiting...for the four faced Buddha
by: Anonymous


I'm not as optimistic as you mentioned that he will return.

Like you, I also pray and hope for his return. But I try to minimise my high hopes of his return, so that I will not feel disappointed that much.

My ex is not like yours, sms you to ask how you are. My ex doesn't even do anything to me for me to feel touched by any little action.

Same like you I still pray. To be honest, you must also ask yourself what will you feel or do if you really lose him?

OK let's say if my shifu's prediction is correct, I will recommend that you see him. He is in Singapore.

Take care. Yap, nice to know you too.

Sep 15, 2009
Still waiting...
by: Anonymous


Thanks a lot for the encouragement. You seem to be very optimistic that he will return. I did not contact him at all, as I don't know what to say. We were just silent. I miss him a lot and miss our moments. I pray like you, but I'm still waiting.

I also don't know how can I have him back when I'm not doing anything, but all I do is to pray for his return. At least you did do something. I don't quite get you when you said that, if he didn't reconcile I will have a tough time.

Well, this is what I fear most, losing him. We both pray for each other. Nice knowing you.

Jia You

Sep 14, 2009
Still waiting...for the four faced Buddha
by: Anonymous


I truly understand how you feel. In the beginning, I knew he was with someone. I felt pain in my heart.

But when I read a book..remember this:

Do not try to stop your ex from seeing the other woman. The more you intervene and try to stop your ex from seeing the other woman, the more you will increase the love and romance in their relationship. Your ex dating someone else doesn't have to signal that he has moved on.

The girl will not have the past sweet relationship between you and him. That cannot be overtaken by her. Give your ex time to think. While waiting, like me do something else not to think about him.

Build up your the one that he met and fell in love the first time.

It takes two hands to clap. If your ex really wants out and is no longer considering reconciliation as an option, you will have a tough time here. Making them want you back may seem impossible initially.

With a little patience and determination, you will be able to make your ex want you back, and when he comes back both of you will be closer than you were before.

Jia You

Sep 11, 2009
Still waiting...
by: Anonymous


You may think that my prayers have been answered but to me, no. He didn't say to start this relationship again. He maybe be with another girl now. He just sms once than silence till now.

I'm also like you, I pray to Buddha and all other Gods. Say a prayer in your heart and be sincere, the Gods will hear us. Let's not give up. I'm sure you ex will get in touch when he knows you helped him.

Let's pray together.

Good luck and Jia You. God will hear our cries.

Sep 11, 2009
Still waiting for Four faced Buddha
by: Anonymous


Your pray is being answered my dear. At least he made the first call whereas

Yes, I pray to the Buddha and others everyday. My case is different I have to pray secretly in my heart as my mum doesn't like him. I am upset about it. What is past is past, must not bring up the topic.

I'm secretly helping him in his finances without him knowing, of course, I think he is not that stupid. My intention is even though we are no longer connected, I still want to see him progress in whatever he does.

Good luck and Jia You.

Sep 11, 2009
Still waiting..
by: Anonymous


Thanks a lot for your advise. I'm still waiting for his return silently, hoping that he will come back to me soon. But the longer I wait, I'm afraid that his feelings will fade and he no longer wants me.

I'm very scared that my prayers will not be answered at all. Do you still pray? We both hope and pray for the best that our ex will come back to us real soon.

Take care

Sep 10, 2009
While waiting for reply
by: Anonymous


Thank you for informing me that your ex called.

Don't feel discouraged when he rejected your lunch appointment or meeting. You should be glad that he made the call first. You did correct as not to call or sms him.

When he totally doesn't not hear any news from you, he will start to miss the relationship that he had with you. Human beings are like that, they don't treasure things that are easily gained but they will treasure and appreciate things that they find hard to obtain.

If he ever calls you out for lunch, go for it, remember not to over-react. Don't let him know you still care for him but be happy and have care and concern for him in your heart first.

Go for a change and dress confidently. Remember not to cry in front of him and beg him.

First chat with him, try not to talk too long. And also don't bring up the past issues that caused the separation. Guys don't like to hear that. I read this from many sources while trying to attract my ex back.

Good luck. Who knows, he may also use the same method that I mentioned to you. Be confident as every human will attracted to a confident and sweet person.

Sep 09, 2009
Still waiting..
by: Anonymous


Today I got a sms and a phone call from him, after quite sometime. It was just a normal conversation. I asked him out for a lunch but he rejected me. He did say, when he is free he will ask me out for lunch. When he rejected me for lunch my heart felt very sore.

He told me he feels very bad and said sorry to me. Can I know what does it means? By the way, it happened when I prayed to Lord Jesus last night, just to share with you. But he had yet to come back to me.

Jia You

Sep 08, 2009
Still waiting.
by: Anonymous


Both of us are facing the same problem. Both of us can only pray with faith and wait with hope, only heaven knows.

I don't know why we need to pray on Thursday at 7pm. I read this from the internet.

I will tell you once my ex comes back and same to you. Like you said, if either one comes back, there is still hope. We hope and wish our prayers will be answered.

Let's not give up. We support each other.

Take care.

Sep 07, 2009
Re: still waiting for reply
by: Anonymous


Thank you. Sometimes I miss him so I go to where he used to hang out and peep at him from far.

He knows I visit his mum at his house. He did not say a word, neither angry nor moody. I have read a book which states that if the separation is caused by him, he will feel more guilty about the breakup and more miserable than me as he is concerned about his feelings and self-esteem.

Thank you for telling me about praying on Thursday at 7pm, but is there any particular reason for doing so?

Actually, I went to ask my shifu and was told he will return to me beginning of the year but up-to-now, he hasn't returned to look for me.

I went to ask again, he said that let him settle his problem first then he will return. Every weekend if I am free, I go to the temple to pray and even pass by the four faced Buddha to pray as well.

If my ex returns, I will inform you. So same goes to you if your ex returns, can you let me know. At least if either one of our ex returns, there is hope for the other to return as well.

Jia You

Sep 06, 2009
Still Waiting...
by: Anonymous


I know how you feel especially when our prayers don't get answered at all no matter how sincerely we prayed. At times I feel like giving up, but I don't know why I still hang on, hoping one day my wish will be granted.

Today I went to pray at the four faced Buddha, but is the same, no response. I prayed for you too, hopefully we both can one day have our ex came back. I heard that we should pray to the four faced Buddha on Thursday 7 pm, then it will be more meaningful.

You may want to try. We both pray that our ex will come back to us one day.

Sep 04, 2009
Still waiting for reply
by: Anonymous


I am the same situation as you. This year I went to pray for my ex to return and if my wish comes true, I hope I can return the vow I made to the four-faced Buddha.

It has been 5 months now, still no reply.

Four-faced Buddha please grant our wish that our ex will come back.

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