Con woman near the Erawan Shrine

by Felix

We prayed at the Erawan Shrine. After praying we crossed the junction towards the hospital next door. An elderly respectable woman waylaid us and told us about precious stones.

She then told us about a certain complex where these stones can be bought quite cheaply. The 'helpful' woman gave directions to a waiting tuk tuk driver and told him to take us there.

On getting down he told us the complex is there. We then realised that it is just one of those selling stones and jewellery and decided to go out.

We hop on to another tuk tuk. The driver questioned whether we bought anything? He asked us why we came if we did not buy. He took us to some road off the main road, stopped a while, complained about petrol. We told him to get us to Siam Paragon.

We paid for the petrol - fearing for our safety. And jumped out the moment we reached there. Of course we paid him the fare which may be slightly more.

Maybe the God saved us from further harm. So beware of conman around the area as most people who go there are tourists!

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Aug 17, 2015
by: Eric

Dear Visitors,

Please note that at some popular tourist places there will be people like these asking you if you wanted to buy precious stones.

They are mostly con jobs, you will be taken for a ride and if you bought anything, the prices would be sky-high and everybody along the line gets a cut.

Just say NO! Enjoy the better things Bangkok has to offer.

Thanks Felix for the reminder. Glad to hear that things turned out alright for you.

Eric Lim
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