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Hi everybody,

The experience I had was not very dramatic but I think I was blessed in some way by the four-faced Buddha.

I was facing a hard time in university a year back and struggled very hard to maintain a second upper position for my degree in a popular Singapore engineering school. The school holidays came at the end of my semester and my girl friend suggested that we go to Thailand for shopping and take a break.

It was then I met the four-faced Buddha and prayed for a good honours standing in school.

School term commenced and I worked as hard as before believing that four-faced Buddha will aid me as long as I put in my best effort. My results turned out to be stunningly good getting me first class standing for my final year in university.

I eventually finished off with a good second upper degree which I asked prayed for and found myself a job at a MNC offering me the position of management trainee.

I went back to pray recently and tried to make it a point to go back once a year whether or not I had any request as the four-faced Buddha will always help me feel inner peace and psychological security.

In this recent trip, I prayed as usual and requested for some sacred water to bless my family. What was different was that I was offered to purchase a four-faced Buddha pendant by the attendant at the shrine. I felt lucky to be offered a pendant as I always wanted a pendent but was never offered one by a temple.

I did not have enough cash at that time, so I asked him to keep it for me and I will go back for it the day after. On the way back to collect the pendant, the sky grew dark and I was really worried that it would rain.

As soon as I got the pendant, I could feel a slight drizzle. I was told to pray around the four-faced Buddha before leaving. Of course, I complied as I didn't know much about rituals. As soon as i was done the rain got heavier. Once I stepped into the nearest shopping centre, the rain came pouring down.

I guess what the four-faced Buddha was trying to bring across to me is that as long as I continue to work hard, he will always stay by my side and bless me. I am also very grateful for the beautiful pendant which feels like a reward for my hard work.

I always think that it is good to pray, but stay realistic. In order for God to help you, you must first put in your best to help yourself in any problems and challenges.

I hope to return every year to pray and have some really good Thai food at the same time.

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