Four- faced Buddha - hopefully not my last prayer

by Sincere prayer

I used to be quite a successful professional working in an investment field and happily married. Things changed dramatically few years ago when I took on an overseas job and the financial crisis broke.

My firm went bankrupt and I lost my job. I started a company with my wife with my own capital but a husband and wife team proved to be a difficult task to handle. I suffered from a severe depression and went back to my home country for treatment while temporarily taking a break from my career.

Little did I knew that my wife squandered all the funds in the company (which constitutes the bulk of my life savings) and initiated a divorce with me.

I could not believe it. Being abandoned, betrayed and cheated by my loved one during my most difficult time. That has deepened my depression and I am still struggling to recover from it.

My health deteriorated since. My severe depression has also hindered my confidence and ability to take on a new job challenge and also handling work pressure.

I lost confidence in my life and thinking about resigning from this life. I contemplated suicide but I could not let go of my aging parents. On the other hand, I felt sad and depressed seeing them worrying about me/taking care of me when I should be taking care of them.

I prayed to the four-faced Buddha at the Erawan Shrine early this month, making a big wish in order to start a new life. I really hope that my prayer will be answered by him.

This is really the lowest point of my life... down in every aspect, career, relationship, wealth and health.

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Mar 01, 2024
Please, please, have faith that Phra Phrom will help you.
by: Anonymous

I was in need of housing, but not having any luck at all. Everywhere I went or inquired, I would get rejected or things would fall through.

I have no family where I live, and none of my friends offered me a place to crash in an emergency. I was getting distressed, desperate and thought I would become homeless.

I petitioned Phra Phrom in mid-Feb to help me find a place to live by the end of Feb.

On Feb 29, I found housing!

To fulfill my promise to him for his help, I am here to give public thanks to him and to spread his name. THANK YOU, PHRA PHROM!

So take heart, he will not abandon you if you petition him. But please remember to make good on your promise to him for his help.

Sep 26, 2017
He safe me
by: Angela

Lord Brahma really showed me miracle. It's a moment I can't forget till now. He really showed me ways to handle my love, my work and my financial matters. From this moment I swear to follow him till the end and believe his miracles.

Apr 21, 2015
Amazing Erawan Shrine
by: Peter Lim

About eight years ago, I visited four-faced Buddha at the Erawan Shrine and decided to hire eight-dancer troupe at the temple ground as part of the prayer. At that time, I was depressed due to failed business and quite broke.

Nevertheless, I did not ask for anything from the Lord. 2 weeks past, while waiting for my friend, I saw a 4-D kiosk and decided to take a bet. I could not think of any number and just then I saw the slip of receipt from the four-faced Buddha prayer dance troupe.

I bet the last $20 which I had and I won. I managed to solve some of my problems and things were smoother.

I have been visiting the Erawan Shrine whenever I visit Bangkok. I am thankful for the help and smooth life the Lord have rendered me.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.

Apr 28, 2013
Be strong
by: Okk

I was in Christianity but wasn't baptized for the last 5 years. I have had many ups and downs financially throughout these years and was taking it for granted.

What I have been doing was really sinful and I start my best to start doing good deeds and make donations to repent my sins.

Recently my friend told me about Phra Phrom (Brahma or what is commonly called the four-faced Buddha) and I said something like if Phra Phrom can give me what I wished, I'll immediately go to Bangkok to pray.

It happened the next two days, miraculously I won a huge amount of money. After that, I lost a decent amount when I postponed the trip to Bangkok due to my wife's birthday.

I flew to Bangkok last week, to pray to Phra Phrom and obtain the amulet. I'm very new to Phra Phrom and I tried my best in getting all the information in the net about the Katha/Prayer chants.

My purpose in writing this wasn't to encourage you to try and gamble to seek your financial help. I just want you to be strong due to your condition being the lowest point of your life.

Everything happens for a reason. Phra Phrom will help us in a way where you will realize it one day.

I have a very strong belief in him, because once I start believing him, I felt that I'm a happier person. Although the stress, pressure and problems are still with me, I'm starting to get a lot of wisdom to fix them. It's a matter of time.

Things will be better friend. Be strong, Phra Phrom will answer your prayers.

I hope that your health will get better. Spend some time to think outside the box, you may not realize something all these while until you look from another perspective.

Jul 24, 2011
You are not alone
by: Matt

I read your post and felt I had to respond. I want you to know that you are in my prayers. I am in a similar situation myself, though not as drastic.

I am suffering from health problems as well as financial ones and I carry around a great sadness at times.

But that sadness has made me a stronger person, it proves to me that I have the strength to endure and learn from this world. We're all lost, looking for someone to help us.

I believe you will find help, no matter where you look, so long as you look. Don't give up on yourself. Your faith is proof that you are open to healing.

Tell yourself every day that you are ready to be healed, and one day you will find yourself whole again. You and I will both be alright.


Jul 03, 2011
Have faith
by: Anonymous

Please do have faith. Work slowly, step by step and with time, things can only get better. Life is worth living and although full of problems, pick yourself up, tell yourself you are stronger after this test, and you will see light one day.

Have faith and take care :)

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