Four-faced Buddha - a prayer to find my niche in life

by Missy

I was in Bangkok in July and one of the things I prayed for at the four-faced Buddha was to find my niche in my career. Things had not been going well in the last decade. It was not bad, there were good times but I just felt somewhat stifled, like my path was blocked somehow. Also, I had recently left my job so I was praying for one.

The week before I left for Bangkok, I had sent out some applications. The week after I got back, I saw 6 emails and 2 phone calls to my applications inviting me for a chance to meet.

Half of these I wasn't interested as they were not the ones I wanted. The other half was interesting and new, even attended an interview that ended on a positive note from the prospective employer to make an offer. But for some unknown reason, it never materialised.

I mean it might not have seem as anything unusual, if I had taken the effort to apply, surely I would receive some response somehow. But I have been patiently sending out applications for a long time - even before I quit but it is the first time that I am receiving so many responses at any one time/day, and I checked my mail daily even when I was in Bangkok.

I was eventually offered a good position overseas quite easily, all these within a span of 2 weeks after my return from Bangkok. Now here's the tricky issue - moving overseas requires money, quite a fair bit too considering the rental & deposits, flight ticket etc. So I am really stuck, tried one attempt at lottery last week, ha, but no luck. Don't know how this will go, but I don't want to give up.

Overall, I know I have been blessed. It was a peaceful feeling just to be able to make that offering at the Erawan Shrine. I hope to go back soon if I become more financially stable.

Just hope the four-faced Buddha will grant me the capital to take my goals forward very soon. It just seems strange that he opens the door and yet not invite me in.

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