Four-faced Buddha answered my prayer

by Ms. Tan

On October 2012, my hubby told me that he borrowed a big sum of amount from a legal money lender. I was shocked, my mind went blank. It seemed like the end of my world. He told me he owed almost $100,000. I didn't know what to do.

The next day I told him that I couldn’t help him to settle all this debt and asked him to apply for bankruptcy. However I was thinking of my parents if one day they asked me. A bankrupt won’t be able to travel so easily.

Over the next two days, I calculated all my savings, sold all my shares but managed to get only $30,000. I applied for loans at three banks. I was so frustrated and suddenly remembered the four-face Buddha and I kept praying for help.

One night I woke up in the middle of night and suddenly remembered one of my friends, but I am not sure whether he could help us. We knew each other only a year through his girl friend who was a friend of mine.

I thought I must try, so I contacted them to meet for dinner. They agreed. I told my friends about our difficulties and they asked me how much I needed.

I told them $50,000 and they agreed. I was so happy and promised to pay them monthly. Hopefully I can settle this within a year and a half. My hubby was surprised too. I told him that the four-face Buddha helped us.

We went to Bangkok on 8 November to pray and give thanks on 9 Nov the anniversary of the four-faced Buddha. We also hired 12 dancers to dance.

The moral of the story is, if you pray sincerely, faithfully, your prayer will be answered. I promise to visit the four-faced Buddha in Bangkok at least twice a year. Nowadays, when I feel uncomfortable, I will pray to him.

Thank you four-faced Buddha for answering to my prayer.

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Nov 19, 2012
Divine being does exist
by: Tan

Thank you for your comments. Yes, its true, the story does not end until my loan is paid off as I will still struggle for the monthly payments.

I believe, if we sincerely pray, there should be a miracle, may be I have a side job, a big bonus this month end or win a lottery, hopefully.

Our luck has been predestined, I agree with you. How much we get and how much we spend, has been predestined.

At least I am happy there are some comments on my article, good luck to you too.

Nov 15, 2012
Divine being does exist!
by: Anonymous

That is a good story. It does not end here until all of the loan is paid off.

I believe that every body has a guardian angel looking over his shoulder to help whatever he has problems.

But it depends on his previous karma too. I also believe that every one's life has been predestined.

Good luck.

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