Four-faced Buddha has been guiding me all along.....

by Mistress

1 July 2010, Thurs night - I fetched my son from his tuition class and we were casually joking about having a number plate for his bicycle when I was teaching him how to read a car number plate.

He blurted 2 sets of 3 digit numbers for his bicycle and had also requested for a new and bigger bicycle on his birthday.

That same night, I stumbled upon this website when I was quite depressed due to a shortage of income recently. I came across a story "Talk to the four-faced Buddha with your heart", it reminded me to tell the four-faced Buddha about my worry just like talking to a parent.

I did not intend to because I did not want to request for a help just because of a shortage of income. While I was falling asleep, I was still thinking about the story that I had read earlier and decided to visit the temple to pay respect whenever I am free because I am not very religious.

Just thinking to myself if I could strike the 4 digit lottery I may want to write a story of my encounter with the four-faced Buddha 10 years ago.

2 July 2010, Fri - I went to place a small bet on my son's given number and did not have high hope of winning because I don't buy the 4 digit lottery often (sometimes not even once a year).

3 July 2010, Sat - I struck a starter prize with my son's given number that has not been drawn for 4 consecutive years and I decided to share my story while my son is sound asleep.

When I first visited Bangkok with my partner in 1999, I heard stories from a tour guide that if you pray to the four-faced Buddha your prayers will be answered. I knew my partner was hoping for a son and I sincerely prayed to the four-faced Buddha to grant me a son and I will definitely go back to pay my respects.

A year later, I was pregnant and my partner was delighted to know the baby is a boy! We went back to pay my respects during my 2nd trimester and promised the four-faced Buddha that I will give my best effort to love and take care of this baby boy.

We brought my son to pay his respects when he was almost 5 years old and told him to always remember that his birth was granted by the four-faced Buddha.

Although he may be too young to understand, he obediently paid his respects. I am a doting mother, whenever I am thinking about the next dollar to grant my son's wish for an expensive holiday or toy (my partner will often disagree), I will just have good business deal coincidentally.

I believe the four-faced Buddha has blessed me all these years because my partner's business is growing every year and my son is having a lifestyle and everything that a normal child of his age could ever dream of.

My partner and I will fly to Bangkok at least once a year but I seldom request for anything nowadays, I just pay my respects and pray for peace for the Thai people.

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Jul 20, 2011
Four-faced Buddha help me
by: gwlp

I have been in credit card debt for more than 10 years for about 100k because of my husband's failed business.

All this while, I have been clearing the bank debt with the minimum amount using my husband's and my salary.

Every month after paying the bank interest, we are left with no money for food and pocket money for my children. We have thinking of many ways to settle the debt but still unable to.

I went to the Erawan Shrine recently hoping that the four-faced Buddha can hear my prayer. Even this trip to Bangkok, I needed to borrow money from my friend to travel to Bangkok.

I really hope my wish can be fulfilled and next year I will bring my whole family to Bangkok to thank the four-faced Buddha for helping us so much.

Jul 03, 2011
Thank you for sharing
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your story. I think it is very sweet and nice that you still pay your respects now even though you do not ask for anything.

I am personally still waiting for my wish to be granted, though I have heard that perhaps it was not fulfilled for a greater good, I'm not sure.

Do let your child learn more about the dharma and Buddhist teachings, I believe it will be good for him given his affinity with the four-faced Buddha.

Take care :)

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