Four-faced Buddha help me

by AET
(WA, Australia)

I came across with the four-faced Buddha just two weeks ago. When I was in my deepest depression, I felt so sad, no hope, no nothing. Didn't even know what to do anymore.

I didn't even know what I was thinking and worrying about. All I knew I was stressed out. I just wanted to pack and run. Where to I didn't even know.

With little sanity that I still had on that day, I start googling for self help and the four-faced Buddha come out as one of the results. I started reading it and I started researching more about it.

During my research I found one picture of the four-faced Buddha and I quickly saved it to my phone and somehow my heart told me to put it as my wall paper. So I did.

I really felt attracted and connected to him. Because of that I started to pray to him for luck and financial freedom deep in my heart. I also talked to him, I told him problems in my life and what are my wishes.

On Tuesday (1/11/11) no kidding, first time in my life I won at horse racing. I won not only the 1st division but also the 3rd division and I also won the lottery, three times in the row on one day. It was not a big win but knowing he actually listened to me made me feel better and more secure.

Not only is my luck getting better since I found him, I feel much better about myself. I feel much happier and I feel that he is there with me.

Since I had a small win, I promised him I will give some of the money to him and I will go to the temple to thank him this Saturday.

My biggest wish is to hit the jackpot so I can have financial freedom, my own business, ability to help people in need and be a better person for everyone.

I always said to my self what's the point of having money if it is just enough for me but not enough to help someone in need. Isn't the purpose of us being in this world to help each other?

Everytime I read the newspapers I feel so useless and sad especially when I read about someone who died or is dying because he or she has no money for medication or to see doctor. I start to cry and I do really feel their pain. I really don't understand how life can be so cruel?

Even at the workplace people can be so cruel. If I had my own business I promise I will always treat people who work with me the best I can.

I promised the four-faced Buddha if he grants my wish, I will donate to the temple here that has got a four-faced Buddha. I will be in Bangkok within seven days from my winning to thank him with my little family and will come back to Bangkok every year to pray for him.

I will donate to the four-faced Buddha shrine in Bangkok. My last promise to him is I promise I will be a better person, will use this money wisely and help people in need and I will always be humble person.

Four-faced Buddha I hope you can hear me and I beg you from the bottom of my heart please help me.

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