Four-faced Buddha - my first encounter

by John Gunawan Wiria

My first encounter with the four-faced Buddha was during my junior high school when I was around 14 years old. At that time I felt that this God was unique since we can pray and plead before each face for a different purpose.

But after that time it took me 14 years to visit the temple again and pray to the four-faced Buddha. I just remembered that I felt in need to beg the four-faced Buddha to help me rebuild my business that crumbled and find me a partner. At that time I was tricked by one of my relatives and my money was gone.

What happened later just seemed like a blessing. I met my partners, my business was running well even though not at its best but recovering, still. My money that I lost to my relative, I never got back but I made more from my business.

Since that time I knew that the four-faced Buddha has answered my prayers. I bought the statue and pray to it everyday.


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