Four-faced Buddha - prayers answered.

by Gerard Baker

Seriously, the first time I saw Lord Brahma (by the way, the four-faced Buddha is not Buddha but Brahma), I was skeptical. Hundreds of people were worshiping him asking for wishes and stuff.

I did not believe that wishes will come true. So what I did was instead of asking, I thanked him instead with joss sticks, flowers gold paper and the works and I left.

That very same year, I kept dreaming of Bangkok over and over again asking me to return to see him. Three months later, I did. I asked for a better job this time with good pay and a happy working life. Did my usual rounds and left Bangkok.

In six months believe it or not, I had a great job. I was previously doing sales for a company called IKEA and now I am working as a lecturer called Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. The pay is good, the people is wonderful and I am happy working there. Its my third year already.

I promised Lord Brahma that I will return to give thanks. I was two years overdue and decided this year to see him and I did just that.

On Jan 2011 I visited him and this time I thanked him with all my heart. Even paid the highest to get the dancers to dance for him.

My advise to all out there, if you do see him for the first time, don't ask him anything immediately. Give thanks and he will call upon you in his own ways. I had countless dreams of him asking me to return and see him and do return back to pay homage.

Lord Bhrama works if you believe in him no matter what race, colour or religion. Just got to believe in him and till today whatever I asked for still comes true.

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Jul 03, 2011
Erawan Shrine
by: Anonymous

Hi Pieter,

Please ask for the "Erawan Shrine". It is well-known. Mention "Erawan" and Thais will recognise it. It's beside the Hyatt Hotel.

All the best and may your prayers be answered.

Jan 13, 2011
Location of the four-faced Buddha
by: Eric


The "four-faced Buddha", as the deity is commonly called by foreigners, is actually Brahma. In Thai the deity is called Thao Maha Phrom or Phra Phrom.

Maybe that's why the people you asked didn't know where it is.

Please see this map for the location of the shrine.

Jan 13, 2011
Four-faced Buddha
by: Pieter

I've been to Bangkok numerous times and want to see the four-faced Buddha. But no one seems to know where to go.

Please tell me how to go there.

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