Four-faced Buddha
prayers not answered

by Ryan

I made my sincere prayer and wish for help. And even made a promise once my prayer has been answered.

Apparently the four-faced Buddha did not answer/does not want to answer/does not have the power to do so.

If you really need help, think twice before you look for help from the four-faced Buddha.

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prayers not answered

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Feb 09, 2017
Yes prayers may be answered.
by: Anonymous


I prayed to the famous four-faced Buddha on the eve of Chinese New Year.

I prayed sincerely and wholeheartedly to him hoping he will grant my wish and promised I will return and give thanks to him when he answered my prayer.

I can sensed a peaceful heart after praying and washed my face with the holy water and left. Today I am back in Singapore and am hoping my wish will soon be granted.

So pray to the four-faced Buddha sincerely with your heart and soul and he will always listen to your prayers.

Have faith.

Jul 28, 2014
Four-faced Buddha works
by: Victor Chan, KL Malaysia

Hi Ryan,

My story's the truth .... back in 2010 when I was desperate to secure a condo for my coming marriage. Financially, my banking record isn't that good. That's why the first two banks rejected my application.

I went to the four-faced Buddha here in Petaling Jaya. It was a hot and sunny day. I knelt down on the hot tile floor in front the four-faced Buddha and asked for His help. Days later, my real estate agent called up to inform me that my loan was approved, even at a high financing rate.

two banks had already rejected, logically other banks which used to the same source of reference should follows suit. With the help of the four-faced Buddha I succeeded.

This happened again. When I was posted to a new branch, I met a Indian lady down in her luck. Her husband left her and she left with his loans.

She cried when we first met relating her personal story to me. I suggested the same to her. Thinking she may not takes it seriously, the next morning I received a call from her somewhere near the temple.

I was delightfully shocked. After the prayer, my Indian lady friend got a shock as those loan sharks called her to discuss a better settlement which she was so happy to comply.

Ryan try again, may or not be at Bangkok, do face the Lord Brahma again. Maybe it's a test of your sincerity. I wish you are blessed this time around. Our Lord Brahma is always there for everyone, speaking from one of many whom He has blessed.

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