Four-faced Buddha's Birthday

by Alan 8577

Hi to all those devoted to the four-faced Buddha please remember to pay respect on his birthday on 9 Nov every year. I will fly to the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok to pray and celebrate his birthday.

You will see millions of people from different countries there to pay respect to the four-faced Buddha on his big day.

I remember when I was in trouble at work last year, I immediately flew to Bangkok at the weekend to pray for help and my wishes came true. Now I'm working happily with a boss who appreciates my hard work.

Lately I went Taiwan for a tour and I prayed at the oldest four-faced Buddha shrine there. I prayed that I could strike the lottery and at least cover the cost of my this trip.

I got a shock, I hit the 2nd prize! I bet almost the whole amount I spent on the whole trip plus the cab fare to Changi airport.

But guys, please remember to go back to the same place you asked for your wishes. And when you ask for things from him, please also mention when you will return to thank him if your wishes come true. It's best is return within a year after your wishes are fulfilled.

To all, pray with a sincere heart, he can understand whatever language you speak. Those who have seen their wishes come true quickly, can understand what I mean!

Wishing all the people who are devoted to the four-faced Buddha good health, good wealth and good luck! Always - 4119

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