Getting into a prestigious university

I do have a good academic score but I went through bad times before I hit university. I prayed at the Erawan Shrine , to the four-faced Buddha. I said I will return to thank him if I make it to this specific university.

While many of my friends where rejected, I made it. I have graduated now and since I promised to return, I did go to Thailand to thank him. Note that there was a time when the red army struck, that's when I couldn't go to thank him.

I thank the four-faced Buddha for staying with me and for giving me the courage to make it through the hard times in university (not academic problems though, it's personal issues but he helped me through it).

I prayed to him again this time around end of June, now I am hoping this dream come true. I hope the four-faced Buddha will be here with me and walk me to the dream.

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