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By Eric Lim

Hotel finder helps locate hotels in major cities in the world to suit your business and vacation travel plans at prices that fit your budget. Interactive maps of the various continents and cities allow you to make your choices. Just click on your destination.

You can sort the hotels by popularity, hotel name, star rating, lowest price and highest price. Use the lowest price selector to find cheap hotels in the various cities. 

View hotel prices in your preferred currency and choose your favorite locations in the city you’re visiting.

The hotel finder is organized by continents and major regions. Just click on the item to take you there.


Asia Oceania Middle East

Africa Europe

North America Central America/Caribbean South America

Lebua State Tower Bangkok (l) view from the top (r)
Rachaya Thonglor Bangkok

The National Park on Ko Samet

Rayong Resort, Ban Phe Rayong


Beijing Kunming Shanghai Hong Kong Macau more hotels in China

Lijiang old town, Yunnan, China – Koh Chin Seng, Beijing

Stone Forest Kunming, Yunnan – Koh Chin Seng, Beijing

Cable car to Ocean Park, Hong Kong - Yu Hsueh-Hui,


Phnom Penh Siem Reap Sihanoukville more


Bangalore Goa Mumbai New Delhi more


Bali Jakarta more


Osaka Tokyo more


Luang Prabang Vientiane more


Kota Kinabalu Kuala Lumpur Langkawi

Pangkor Penang more


Hotels in Maldives


Cebu Manila more


Singapore hotels

Singapore River in the 1960s

South Korea

Busan Seoul and more

Sri Lanka

Colombo other hotels in Sri Lanka


Kaohsiung Taipei more hotels in Taiwan


Hanoi more hotels in Vietnam



Australia New Zealand More hotels in Oceania

Bucklands Beach Yacht Club, Manukau, NZ
Mark Kan, New Zealand

Limeuil, France - Bill Meyer, UK

The Partal Alhambra, Granada – Bill Meyer, UK

Guejar Sierra, Granada, Spain – Bill Meyer, UK

Hampstead Heath, London – Bill Meyer UK

Manhattan Bridge, New York - Vic Plant NC, USA

South America

Argentina Brazil Uruguay and more


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My sincere thanks to the following friends and readers who contributed memorable photos of their countries or their holidays to this page.

  • Bill Meyer - London, UK
  • Koh Chin Seng - Beijing, China
  • Mark Kan - New Zealand
  • Rachaya Thonglor - Bangkok, Thailand
  • The late Vic Plant - North Carolina, USA
  • Yu Hsueh-Hui - Taipeh, Taiwan

Thank you very much for your beautiful photographs.

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