I saw the four-faced Buddha

by Seng

When I was about 30 years old, I wore a four-faced Buddha amulet and I had a very unusual experience. I've been wearing the four-faced Buddha amulet for several years and everyday I will chant and meditate.

I used to hang my amulet outside my room door, but one day I decided to hang it at the balcony. At dawn, I felt someone woke me and I sat up on my bed.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the figure of the four-faced Buddha. The figure was very shinning like it was made of crystal and glass with rainbow colours.

Till today I can still remember the four-faced Buddha move from side to side in my balcony. After a few minutes I fell asleep again. The next morning I was so happy with what I saw the night before.

I thought I would have a windfall that day and I did. I won the local lottery.

Thank you to the four-faced Buddha.

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