Miracle by the four-faced Buddha

by John Gunawan Wiria

It has been a long time since I prayed to the four faced Buddha. Since that time I feel a lot of prayers were answered but among of them there is one that I really feel was a miracle.

That time I needed to travel with my friend to Singapore but the S$ rate was quite high, reached Rp 8,500 - S$. Then I prayed to the four-faced Buddha begging for the exchange rate to fall a bit since I needed to buy the air ticket. I said around Rp 7,500 - S$, and it happened, it really fell to Rp 7,400 - S$.

I still waited two more days hoping that it will go down a little bit more. It was on Monday when the rate was really unstable and risky. But I still waited and the rate stayed, not moving even a single cent for a day, miraculously.

I just felt it was not the time to be greedy, then made a payment when it rose to Rp 7,450. My friend bought at Rp 7,500 - S$. But can you see it? It was the number that I invoked in my prayer, 7,500, the rate just fell from 8,500 to 7,500 within a week.

The exchange rate has never stayed at 7,400 for a day. It was a miracle that the four-faced Buddha answered my prayers.

Thank you so much, I never could ever forget this for the rest of my life.

John Gunawan W

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