My Experience with the four-faced Buddha...

by Lim
(Singapore )

Hi.. I’m Lim here I would like to share my story to people all over the world who believe in the four-faced Buddha at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok.

I can’t really remember when was it, 2009 or 2010? It was the third time I went to the Erawan Shrine to offer my prayers to the four-faced Buddha. After praying, one of the guys from the shrine offered me a four-faced Buddha pendant (佛牌) and I bought it.

I went back to the Hotel Intercontinental to rest and later decided to go out for dinner. I took the lift down to lobby but some how the lift stopped at level 2!

Without noticing it I walked out then realized I was at level 2. By then the lift door had already closed, so I walked down to the lobby.

The hotel has a grand staircase and as I walked down I tripped on my own leg and I fell forward. Just then I felt something pulled me back and I stood still. I looked around, there was nobody there!

My hairs stood on ends! But I knew it was the four-faced Buddha who pulled me up because I had the pendant in my pocket. Ever since then no matter where I go, I’ll wear the pendant and go back every year to worship him.

But every time when I returned to Singapore, something will happen. For example, one year I lost my job which I held for 12 years in this company because of office politics.

After few months someone was willing to invest in in a business with me. The business went up and down...

Seven years later, I hit the jackpot in the local lottery and won a huge amount of money, it was really huge! This solved all my problems and with some money left over.

But I made a mistake and forgot to go back to to redeem my vow. I didn’t spend my money wisely and even when I invested in insurance I lost 80% of my capital.

Within a year all the money was gone and I was left with debt worse than before. I know it was all my fault! And I know the four-faced Buddha is still helping me otherwise I could have been bankrupt.

Finally I realized my mistakes and I sincerely prayed to the four-faced Buddha for his forgiveness. I hope he can show mercy and help me again. I believe the four-faced Buddha won’t really punish you for not redeeming your vow. Or take back what he has given to you.

I think only when you keep your word, you can keep what was given to you.

With gratitude(㓕恩) 🙏🙏🙏

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