My prayers at Erawan Shrine

by Lim Eng Chye

I went to the famous Erawan Shrine in 2007 to pray for wealth, career, health, power, peace, marriage and for my face to be cured of acne scars, pimples and oily skin which bothered me a lot.

I prayed for so many things because it was my first trip to Erawan Shrine and honestly, I felt depressed and sad at that time because I had nothing at all and wanted it all.

I also promised the four-faced Buddha that I would return next year and offer my thanks if my wishes come true. Shortly after I returned to Singapore, I felt happy and confident of myself because I know how powerful the four-faced Buddha is and I really got a job shortly after returning to Singapore.

Even though it was only a one year contract job, but it was by far the happiest job I had ever in my life. I also won several times in lotteries and even though the sums were not huge, it was very gratifying as I felt that my luck was much better than ever before.

I thought that my luck would go on being so good and I wasted all my money on buying useless things like play station portables and to satisfy my greed for material things, I even stole and pawned my parents gold jewelry.

Then bad things followed and my dad's business crashed and I sank into depression. I believe that the four-faced Buddha was teaching me a lesson for wasting money for the good luck given to me.

I felt ashamed and sank into depression as I felt remorseful and even wanted to commit suicide many times. After my one year contract was over, I became jobless and didn't work except for a short period of time from Jun 2009 to Sep 2009.

It was very bad for me and I would like to apologize to the four-faced Buddha for not behaving myself and doing so many wrong things. I know that mentally and emotionally, I am unstable and sick and I am always worried about money all my life.

I hope that the four-faced Buddha can forgive me and help me stand up once again and let me never repeat my silly mistakes again. Please help me become a strong person because after reflecting on my mistakes, I dare not say that I would not make mistakes again in future.

But I certainly learnt a lot from my mistakes these few years and hope to make a comeback soon. Right now, I am torn between which job offer to take up currently as I have lost confidence in my own abilities and need help and guidance from the four-faced Buddha.

I hope that I no longer face anymore money problems for the rest of my life and can take trips to Erawan Shrine every year for the rest of my life to pray and give thanks. I pray that my family becomes wealthy even though they are praying to Goddess Kuan Yin and I hope that there are no problems if I am praying to the four-faced Buddha when my family is not.

Hopefully, things would start to go well for me once again and I am now praying to the Four Faced Buddha at the Palelai Temple near Bedok Walk in Singapore. Please forgive me and help me, four-faced Buddha.

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Sep 11, 2011
Never give up...
by: Low


Don't give up! Lord Brahma will hear your prayers one day! Once joss-sticks are lighted, your prayers will be acknowledged. Just be patient. four-faced Buddha might be 'testing' you! Be sincere, and I believe with your determination, your prayers will be answered :)

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